There’s no doubt that pleasing a woman can be an intimidating task for most men. Figuring out what sort of touches and kisses arouses her can seem to be quite complex. However, pleasing a woman in the bedroom isn’t that difficult. 

We found a thread where people revealed some excellent ways to subtly arouse a woman and here are some of their responses.

1. “I had a partner that would lightly kiss my shoulders when we were out this summer (wearing sleeveless tops). He’d also grab my hand to kiss my palm, then the wrist, and up my arm, neck, and then forehead. Light, sweet kisses, and very slow as we’d be talking.

2. “Back of the hand kisses are kisses when we’re concentrating on something but want a moment of closeness. Palm kisses, however… slow, while he’s watching me ramble on… a surefire way to stop the chatter. Eye contact combined with the physical contact that’s supposedly innocent, so good.”

3. “Definitely some light touching on the thigh/inner thigh. Even in the most wholesome moments, my boyfriend can really get me going by doing that.”

4. “It’s soft touches for me. Put your arm around her, slightly rub her arm or shoulder.”

5. “Rub her thighs or touch her waist.”

6. “I also realized if a guy grabs my chin firmly when making out, it activates the sub in me and my brain stops working.”

7. “A thumb grazing across my lower lip makes me weak in the knees. My brain goes blank and I immediately submit. He often chuckles because he can see my eyes and muscles completely relax.”
– Altostratus

8. “Pushing me up against a wall or kissing me as soon as we are together like in an elevator.”

9. “Tuck her hair behind her ear, walk up from behind putting your hands around her waist slowly rocking her back and forth with ear kisses, thigh massages, small gentle hair pulls, all work amazing.”

10. “Cooking, hugs, grabbing her neck, brushing her hair aside, deep kisses, kissing the area on the opposite side of the elbow.”

11. “Things like rubbing my feet or back. Touching my face gently. Cheek and forehead kisses. Reminding me that I’m special/important/desirable to him. Showing me off to friends/ family & speaking of me proudly to others. Doing little things for me out of thoughtfulness. Wrapping his arms around my waist. Hair touching.”

12. “Backing out of a parking space by looking through the back window with your hand on the passenger side headrest.”

– TsT2244

13. “Smell really good.”

14. “For me it’s dancing… If he pulls me in close for a little dance… I am just ready.”

15. “When he comes up behind me and I can feel ‘it’ on me.”

16. “Coming up behind me talking in a low tone into my ear. DEAD.”

17. “A good cologne, telling her she looks good with whatever she’s wearing, telling her you are thinking about her smile, writing her a poem or letter as well.”

18. “Gentle and innocent touches on the thigh. I love when a guy puts his hand on the nape of my neck. Arm around her waist. Gently ticking/rubbing/scratching her arm. Grabbing her face and just looking at her. Playing with her hair. Playing with her hands. Grabbing her thigh a little rougher.”

19. “Cook for her. Nothing fancy, but regularly. I heard it can break the rules of reality in some cases.”

20. “Nose kisses! Just a sweet, slow, gentle soft kiss on the tip of my nose! Also neck kisses…always. Come up from behind me, gently move my hair off my shoulder and bury your face in my neck and gently kiss my neck. Mmmm…”

You are welcome!