Bizarre and totally random things are so effing common on Twitter that sometimes they become a story worth sharing. 

One such story is of a woman named Liz Trussell with the Twitter username- @Liztruss. For the unversed, Liz Truss is the newly elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. So, Ms. Trussell is spending her days responding to tweets actually meant for the new British PM, and it’s so hilarious.

The woman’s having an absolute gala time reacting to misdirected tweets. She’s already informed her availability to meet Royal Family on Twitter while asking Swedish PM to “keep the meatballs ready.” 

What’s worth noting is that the woman was relatively inactive on Twitter until she was bombarded with tweets directed to the new UK PM. And just like a true comedian, she capitalized on the opportunity to make the Internet a better place. 

And Twitter is in splits as they hail Ms. Trussell to be “the best thing on Internet” at the moment.

Haha! A big one.

The Internet will never become a nasty place if tropical comedic geniuses like Ms. Trussell keep existing.