Ace cricketer Sourav Ganguly missed the memo and made a slight blunder with a promotional post on his social media. The post, which has now been deleted, showed the cricketer promoting a “mega blockbuster”. However, fans took screenshots and the post is now viral.

Twitter / @tanujlakhina

The image looks like a film poster. The poster mentions “Starring Sourav Ganguly”. However, the caption added by the cricketer foiled the promotional plan. The caption states “Please ensure that the Meesho brand name or Meesho hashtag is NOWHERE mentioned in tomorrow’s 1st September post.” It also mentions the actual caption celebs were supposed to add to this image. It states, “Post copy: It was fun shooting for it! My new Mega Blockbuster is releasing soon!” An instruction Sourav Ganguly’s social media team clearly ignored.

This blunder has now gone viral and fans are having an ROFL moment on Twitter.

While Sourav Ganguly deleted the post, Meesho played along with this error and posted the image on their Twitter handle.

Sourav Ganguly is not the only celeb who was roped in for Meesho’s promotional activity. Other celebs such as Deepika Padukone and Kapil Sharma had also shared similar posts and images.