Ever since the COVID related lockdowns began back in 2020, we’ve been seeing a rise in TikTok videos and Instagram reels revealing how certain hotels and properties keep hidden cameras in their rooms.

To be honest, it is quite terrifying to even toy with the whole idea. And this Twitter thread by @foxytaughtyou seems be claiming something similar too. 

In the thread, she has filmed various parts of an Airbnb she booked in Philadelphia and discussed how her friends found cameras hidden in the sprinklers! What’s even creepier is that she found these cameras in extremely private areas such as bedrooms and washrooms. 

Though, after investigating the situation, the police are sure that there were no cameras at the Airbnb. 

The incident was investigated by our Special Victims Unit. The detective(s) did not find any hidden or undisclosed cameras. The fire sprinklers are sprinklerheads.

-a Police Department spokesperson told The Philadelphia Inquirer

In fact, even an Airbnb spokesperson confirmed that there were no cameras on the property. 

We thoroughly looked into this allegation as we do for all safety reports. Today, we spoke directly with the lead detective from the Philadelphia Police Department who responded to the complaint and investigated the property… He confirmed that he did not find any hidden or undisclosed cameras and that the fire sprinklers had regular sprinklerheads. The detective also confirmed that they plan to close this case.

-Airbnb spokesperson told Entrepreneur

Here’s how other netizens responded to the thread. While some people said that @foxytaughtyou was mistaken and sprinklers generally look like they have a camera in them because of a plug inside, others were appalled at the mere idea of hidden surveillance in an Airbnb!  

It is fairly difficult to spot hidden cameras in any given space, but to have minute evidence of there being hidden cameras around you, is obviously a reason to feel unsafe. Because well, it is a breach of privacy!