Times will change, but we won’t. No, we like to hold onto old practices that are morally wrong, and keep handing them over to the generations to come. At least that’s what society keeps hinting at with its weird ways. So, now we’ve got a man who grades his wife’s cooking.

In a Reddit post, a woman shared how her husband never appreciates her cooking, even when she’s the only one doing all of it. She added that he grades her cooking, and doesn’t eat the food if it gets an ‘F’. On days when she preps a meal that she actually likes, he orders in and asks her to pay for the takeout. And when the woman denied doing that, the husband involved his mother. Oh, and the approved meals only get a ‘B’ or a ‘C’. Not that giving an ‘A’ would make any difference, but this shows his acknowledgement for all the effort – which is none.

So basically, they both have full time jobs, and despite doing most of the work at home, she has to deal with his tantrums. Not only is this deeply problematic and sexist, it also looks like he lacks basic empathy. Because it takes a huge narcissist to ignore someone else’s efforts and put their needs first. And what is with this child-like behaviour?

Redditors clearly have a lot to say.

Great, we’ve found this year’s poster boy for sexism.