Gender roles have more often than not created obstacles for people’s mental health. Because let’s be honest, they come with super unrealistic expectations and limitations. Whether that’s the pressure to be a ‘good wife,’ or the ‘perfect’ bread winner, no one deserves being put under such harsh scrutiny. And according to a few studies, a by-product of such stereotypes is women faking orgasms to cushion their male partners’ egos. 


I have a feeling a lot of women are reading this and thinking ‘Tell me something new.’ 


One study says that the reason women find themselves faking orgasms is to stop their partners from leaving. Another says that a strong reason behind this performative action is because women try to protect their male partner’s sense of masculinity.  

The other thing that the study claims is that women who earn more than their male partners are twice as likely to fake their orgasms!


Personally I think it’s more than likely that even when women fake orgasms to keep their partners from leaving, it’s because there is such little space for honest communication with men who have fragile egos. So much so, that if women were to be honest about their needs, their male partners’ bruised egos would cause them to end the relationship. It’s actually a chain reaction, rather than a way for women to incentivize men to stay in the relationship.  

Proof of how toxic masculinity actually harms men’s abilities to experience intimacy rather than help them in any way.