Women have had to answer a lot of questions about marriage and kids since time immemorial. These are instances when they gave the perfect clap back and did not take any nonsense and sexism from others. Read on. 

1. When Priyanka Chopra took the high road on being called a “scammer” after she married Nick Jonas.

The widely criticised article called Priyanka Chopra names for marrying Nick, and insulted her in more ways than one. On being asked for a comment, Priyanka chose not to even dignify the article with a reaction to it, and said, “It’s not even in my stratosphere”.

It’s not even in my stratosphere. I’m in a happy place at this moment. These kinds of random things can’t disturb it.

Vox later apologised for the article and deleted it from their platform. 

2. When Malaika Arora gave a befitting reply to trolls incessantly commenting on her social media, calling her “desperate” for dating Arjun Kapoor.

Malaika Arora has been called golddigger on multiple occasions and people have also called her names for dating a man younger than her in age. 

And to everyone saying those things, she has an important thing to say, “Take a flying f**k”.

Age does not matter in the relationship but our society is such that it does not want to move ahead with time. Malaika said that an older man is praised for romancing a young girl, but when a woman is older, she is called ‘Desperate’ and ‘Old’. My answer to those with such thinking is: Take a flying f ***.

3. When Ismat Chughtai said that women should strive to be independent and that marriage isn’t the end goal of their lives.

The celebrated novelist covered many topics in this interview given to Padma Sachdev for Doordarshan, and this was one of the bits that stuck out to women a lot. 

4. When Rekha put everything from marriage to kids in perspective in this interview with Simi Grewal.

5. When Sania Mirza asked Rajdeep Sardesai why does he did not consider her “settled” even though she has won multiple Grand Slams. She asked him why does she need to have kids to be considered “settled”.


Amazing answers from these women but we hope they did not have to go through this.