Men and women live in the same world but all of us know how far apart our realities are. 

While men are have their freedom and access to something as basic as personal space, women are subjected to all kinds of exploitation at every level.  

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The biggest one being that fact sometimes men don’t even realise how uncomfortable they’re making us without having to face the consequences of their actions. And, yet women are expected to ‘adjust.’ 

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And, it’s not just me, we found a Quora thread of women who got honest about all things men do that make them uncomfortable even if it’s not their intention. 

1. “Some guys stare at women/girls as though they will enter their bodies. And eat them. Feels disgusting and super uncomfortable.” – Anonymous

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2. “Referring to a female as ‘maal’ ‘item’ is soo demeaning. So are the nasty comments that are made at her character just by looking at her.” – Anonymous

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3. “Unwanted touching by taking advantage of the crowd or any given interaction with a woman is such a no-no. Humans are sensitive beings, we are highly receptive to touch. One can instantly make out if a touch is “purposeful” or unintentional.” – Anonymous

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4. “Some have the horrible habit of touching their privates in public. Whatever it is please seek a private place to do this. PLEASE. It feels weird and highly uncomfortable. – Anonymous

5. “Constantly pursuing a person, making cheesy comments, and using tacky pickup lines is so irritating. Approach her if you like to, but don’t keep pressing for her favorable response.” – Anonymous

6. “Sending random requests because you find someone hot is creepy, to say the least. Also, stop messaging stupid/ rude/ derogatory jokes or forwards like you have nothing better to do!!” – Anonymous

7. “When a man I don’t know, however well-intentioned he is, comments on my appearance, I feel uncomfortable. I feel uncomfortable even when the comment is a compliment.” – Eunice Ackerland

8. “I feel uncomfortable when a man judges the sexual behavior of human beings using words like “slut,” “promiscuous,” “nice girl,” “clean,” “dirty,” etc.” – Eunice Ackerland

9. “I feel uncomfortable when my male colleagues look at me when the boss asks for a volunteer to take notes during a meeting.” – Eunice Ackerland

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10. “I feel uncomfortable when men sort of gently push me to the side instead of saying “excuse me.” – Eunice Ackerland

11. “Not realizing consent.” – Deboleena Das

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12. “Judging someone on the basis of their choices is a completely useless endeavor. It matters for you guys and it matters for us women.” – Pallavi Preetinanda

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13. ” A woman smiling at you does not indicate that she wants to have sex with you.” – Katherine Dedmon

14. “Adopting a universal behavior based on stereotypes and ignoring what is different or unique about each separate woman.” – Diana Crețu

15. “Insulting someone’s entire demographic in order to compliment them is a good way to make them feel really uncomfortable.” – Jordan Allen

16. ” Ignoring their clearly-stated boundaries.” – Eva Glasrud

17. “Guys who express their sadness that they have been friend-zoned are plain pathetic and self-centered. Period.” – Haneen Eissa

It’s high time that men take responsibility for their actions.