People are pushed to their breaking points. A breaking point is when the situation becomes too stressful that the person crumbles under that stress. But sometimes, reaching these lowest points helps people achieve and do something better for themselves.

Breaking points
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We found a Reddit thread where women discussed what their breaking point was that made them get that divorce, quit that job, move, lose weight, etc. The answers are sad but they prove that there is still hope and it is never too late. Read on to find out more.

1. “When he moaned at me for going to the toilet after we had been to the theatre. We had no public transport to catch and nowhere else to be. A week later I told him that we needed to take a break. Two weeks later, I dumped him because I realised that after 5 years of being together he was still always going to put himself first. It’s been 8 weeks and it was the best thing I did.” – dogtor-assistant

2. “When my former MIL called me to complain that her son wasn’t getting whatever he wanted in the bedroom, whenever he wanted it. She told me I should never say no. This was the final nail after seven years of a mentally, verbally, sexually and physically abusive relationship.” – freedom050505

3. “When I found myself looking forward to my ex-husband’s business trips because it was easier and less stressful to just not have him around.” – insertcaffeine

4. “When the COVID pandemic finally hit and I stopped feeling sick. It took me having some time away from my shitty job to realize just how much it f***** me over.” – TattooPuddle

5. “My ex told me ‘I have better things to do than care about you.’ And that’s when I knew we had to break up. He was apparently shocked. I still totally don’t get why.” – PurrPrinThom

6. “A close friend killed themselves. I’d been thinking for years about leaving the city I hated so much, but that was the final nail in the coffin. Everything reminded me of her and life is too short to live in a city where you despise everything about it.” – Sister_Winter

7. “When I was weighing the pros and cons of staying with my therapist. I knew I could never bring a child into that relationship with it being the way it was. He looked at me and asked if I had a safe exit plan in place. I thought about it and said, ‘No I don’t but if a relationship needs a plan in advance to leave safely, it’s not one I should be in.’ ” – Opposite_Lettuce

8. “When we bought a house together and I spent two weeks painting the entire interior, while my ex stayed at the other house to play video games with his friends online. His response was – ‘I don’t paint.’ ” – pinkmochi324

9. “My breaking point for getting sober was when I found out that my little brother ended up in the hospital with a blood alcohol level that was so high that he should have either ended up in a coma or died.” – Fuzzy_Dragonfruit344

10. “Weight loss – my kids wanted me to get on a ride with them at an amusement park. I couldn’t fit in the cart with them. I lost 100 pounds over the course of a year and took my kids back to that same park and rode all the rides with them. I’ve kept the weight off for 5 years now.” – prolynapping

11. “During a panic attack, I texted my then-boyfriend that I needed his help to calm me down. He replied to me saying ‘he didn’t want to ruin his weekend.’ ” – Alex023412

12. “I quit the job after I came back from maternity leave and found they hadn’t filled my role, leaving my vulnerable clients without adequate support. That resulted in 2 being hospitalized. Instead, the money was used to supplement the boss’s income as he promoted himself to CEO from the executive director. I told them all where to go and how little I thought of them on my way out.” – MoxieAndSass

13. “My best friend since childhood told me that I was a horrible artist a few years ago. That stung. She had a tendency to always knock me down throughout our friendship, but when she said that I was determined to make it my livelihood. More or less, I have. She’s also not my friend anymore.” – saltysweetspice

14. “I decided to take a chance and believe in myself and study abroad with the goal of permanently moving away from my parents. It was the desperation and survival instinct that made me realize that if I didn’t move out of my parent’s place I might kill myself. I changed countries right before COVID. I would rather live alone than with toxic caregivers.” – Ok_Charge_5700

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious, please reach out to your family or seek professional help.