We live in a biased society. It leaves no stone unturned to remind a woman that it is a man’s world. For instance, talk about making financial decisions, looking after a family, or even buying a house. It is considered a man’s job to do. The idea that a woman can be independent- be a single mother- or that she can live alone is unfathomable, even in 2022!

Case in point- In today’s episode of how society is downright ridiculous for women, we have some absurd questions and statements people made when a woman bought their first house.   

1. “Currently building my first home and everyone – from the neighbours to plumbers to the kitchen designers – has asked me where my husband is. Not the most ridiculous but definitely the most irritating!”


2. “What will you do when you meet a man and you want to live with him?” Gosh, I don’t know? Rent it out? Sell it? He might want to come live with me? I’m not buying a house because of this guy that I might meet.”


3. “For the first house, people assumed my parents bought it. A decade later, I’m buying a house at the same time a guy I know is buying his house. I needed to show my divorce papers to proceed with the loan. He did not. The loan officer did not see the double standard.”


4. “The home inspector asked me why I was buying a house when I didn’t have any kids. Like, wtf?”


5. “I didn’t realize you were making that much money, are you sure you have enough to afford this?”


6. “My parents come up from time to time to help me with yard work and other projects. I am a 32 y/o woman, the only times my neighbor comes around is when my parents are there and he tries to talk to them about things concerning my property. He knows I own the property and has known for years. The last time he did this I point blank and told him again, I own this property, if you have a concern about something you are to talk to me about it. I was proud of myself for being assertive about this, we’ll see if it gets through to him.”


7. “Are you going to be settling down? I was already settled down; it just doesn’t include a spouse or children.”


8. “People asked if I would be scared, or lonely, being all alone in my house.”


9. “He asked if my dad bought me the house since women are “shopping addicts” and could not do it alone.”


10. “I have a full-time job and a small business, making about $150,000 a year. I was told by a bank that I could only qualify for a $200,000 mortgage as a single woman. They said without two incomes, I would not be able to qualify for anything more. I told them I HAVE two incomes and went to a different bank.”


11. “Don’t you wanna wait for your boyfriend to be ready and buy a house together? lol. If I had to wait for the man in my life to be ready for everything, I would never get anywhere.”


12. “I bought my house when I was 22 last year. I have a boyfriend, but he doesn’t live with me as we’re not ready yet. So many people questioned why I would buy a house to live in by myself, and why I didn’t wait until I was married.”


13. “I put a bid on a house and it was rejected by the sellers’ agent because a single mom can’t afford to buy a house.’ Luckily my agent was great and a few phone calls later my bid was accepted. Their agent was a female too.”


14. “Neighbor was an 80-year-old man. He says to me, ‘When you need something fixed, you call me. I know you ain’t got a man in your life and sometimes a woman needs a man to fix things’.”


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