You must have come across several videos of bizarre food combinations on social media. All thanks to food bloggers in every street, city, or state out there. Be it chocolate noodles, ice-cream dosa, fanta maggi, and what not. Who the f**k relish such recipes? Kaun hain ye log? Well, the list keeps getting longer and longer.

A woman has been selling dairy milk pakode on the road and her video is going viral on Twitter.

The clip posted by a Twitter user, @MFuturewala, shows the woman unwrapping chocolates and dropping them in the batter of chickpea flour. She then deep-fries those besan-waale chocolate pieces in the oil. Then the woman puts masala on top of them.

Watch the video here:

Twitter is divided over this weird food combination. Coz’ why not?

While some called it disgusting, a few of them approved of this dish. Check out their reactions.

A few of Twitter users compared it to deep-fry chocolate bars in the US.

Chocolates are definitely ruined for me. Contrary to this, netizens are really approving this sh*tty food combination? It is way beyond my imagination. Yuck! Would you ever try dairy milk pakode?