Who would have thought that jaadu ki jhappi is a real thing? I always thought jaadu ki jhappi is a real thing and now I have proof- this pupper, who saved its owner with cuddles during an accident. And it’s making me tear up. 

Croatian Mountain Rescue Service

A hiker, Grga Brkic, slipped and fell 500 feet and critically injured his leg in Croatia’s Velebit Mountain Range. But his loyal dog decided to not budge and stayed by him bearing the harsh weather.

North is an eight-month-old Alaskan Malamute pup and warmed her owner by lying on top of him. In the meantime, two other hikers with Grga alerted the rescuers. The rescue team was able to transport the dog dad and North to medics.

The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service shared news of the incident and its happy ending in a Facebook post, including a photo of North protecting his owner while the man lay on a stretcher. 

Friendship and love between man and dog know no boundaries. He [North] curled up with him [Brkic] and warmed him with his body. His loyalty did not stop … guarding his man for 13 hours. From this example, we can all learn about caring for each other.

-Croatian Mountain Rescue Service

North is the real MVP.