People of Kushkal village in Palanpur taluka of Banaskantha district in Gujarat have a tradition for stray dogs that allows them to enjoy a luxurious life and has made them ‘crorepatis’. 

While we all love doggos, very few of us actually manage to look after them. But this story of stray dogs of Gujarat is an inspiration for all of us. 

Reports claim villagers ensure that not a single doggo from this area goes empty stomach. The area roughly has 150 dogs, and they are fed sweets like laddoos regularly.

This unique tradition was set up by their ancestors where the village’s stray dogs were allotted 20 bighas of agricultural land. The value of that land today is over Rs 5 crore. Prakash Chaudhari, a villager, opened up about his experience and said: 

Before Independence, Palanpur was under Nawab rule and the ruler had given some chunk of land to villagers. However, villagers thought that humans could earn their livelihood and feed themselves but what about stray dogs, and allotted 20 bighas of agricultural land for dogs and since then, income from this land is spent on the welfare of stray dogs. All villagers, irrespective of castes, follow this great tradition till today. 

What a heart winning gesture clearly.

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