Dogs. Just the word fills me up with pawsitivity. I don’t think you can compare that feeling of coming back home to your dog, ready to shower you with love, with anything else. Their excited, over-the-top expression of happiness upon seeing you is the most fulfilling feeling ever.

There are so many mental and physical benefits of owning a dog. Here are some ways in which dogs —our cuddle buddies— bless our life all day, every day. 

Fetch! Pet Care

But wait, before you go any further, here’s a reminder that owning a dog or any other pet is a big responsibility, and only those who can afford to fulfill the same should go for it. Meanwhile, the rest of us should control our urges and find respite in pampering friend’s dogs, watching dog videos, feeding stray dogs, and spreading adoption appeals. 

1. Dogs teach us the true meaning of the Carpe Diem. They live in the moment and seize every possible opportunity for love 

If you wish to learn to live in the moment and grasp every ounce of it, dogs can be your inspiration.

2. Dogs are really good for our hearts. Both metaphorically and literally

Dogs fill our heart with love. Not just that, studies show that they’re also great for our heart’s health.

3. Dogs will never let you feel lonely. They’re our perpetual companions

At your best and even at your worst, your furry friends will always be there for you.

4. Dogs make us selfless people

When you own a dog, you become a parent. And who could be more selfless than parents?

5. Dogs prompt us to move out of our house everyday for their morning and evening walks. They force us to live a healthier lifestyle

Dogs are fascinated by the outside world. When you’re a dog owner, you’re bound to move out of your house daily just so your pets can have their daily session of walks. This, in turn, has many benefits for your physical and mental health.

6. Dogs make us social people even when we’re introverts

When you walk out of your house with your adorable pets, you’re bound to attract a human audience smitten by them. Not just that, take your dogs to dog cafes or events, and you will connect with many fellow pet owners. Even in the online world, people are head over heels about cute dog videos and you’ll be bombarded with comments on any cute dog video you put.

7. Dogs can sniff danger & they’re always by your side

Yes, dogs can do that and they’ll be up in arms to protect you from any physical threat.

8. Dogs teach us the true meaning of love

The love of dogs is not marred by any bias. They love unconditionally, irrevocably, and unabashedly.

9. Dogs help us move on from an incident & help us feel better

Moving over an incident or a person is, perhaps, the hardest thing to do. Dogs make the process easier.

10. Dogs will never betray you for anything at all

One trait that is always associated with dog everywhere is their loyalty. You can never lose them for somebody. They’ll always come running to you.

11. Dogs reduce stress

Dogs make us positive people. But of course, they reduce stress.

12. Dogs give us a sense of purpose

Dogs make us responsible people. We have somebody to feed, to love, to care for.

13. Dogs make us a happy person

This is the ultimate truth. Dogs become our reason to lead full lives. Their affection can suck sadness and fill us up with love until we’re brimming. 

In short, dogs are a blessing to our life. They make existence worthwhile.