Indian breeds are aggressive, they don’t look pretty, they take time learning things – there are a lot of myths around having desi breeds as pets. But the truth is something else only. Because people who’ve adopted or rescued Indie dogs have had amazing experiences.

1. “I adopted a female indie pup when she was a month old. People who adopt pets in India seek to do so to acquire a status symbol, and not out of love. Hence, they look for exotic breeds like Huskies or Shih Tzu’s, which aren’t suitable for our environment. But people do not realize that Indies are equally, if not more affectionate than exotic breeds.” – Reddit


2. “We only adopt street dogs and have never paid for a puppy. Every one of them is unique, almost as much as people being unique. Our first dog was so hyper he used to come running, climb and sit on my head. Was crazy about carrots and running to the street at any chance. The current one we have is a sweetie. She’s full of love, wants lots of petting, and when opening the gate all I have to do is request, she’ll go wait in her corner till we’re done opening and closing the gate. First time I went on-site for several months, she sulked for a week after I returned.” – Reddit


3. “I adopted an pariah (Indie) when she was 2 months old. Such a sweetheart she is. She gets looked down by some people because she’s an Indie. People also don’t have idea about how the breeding works for most of the household breeds. Those dogs can have a lot of medical issues which leads to ton of medical expenses. My friend spent about 40k on his Labrador’s medical treatment.” – Reddit


4. “Indie pups are the best. My 6 month old pup naturally grew up as a guard dog, rushes and barks at anyone or anything that makes sound(except for our family). I adopted her from BlueCross when she was 40 days old. She also gives handshakes and plays fetch with me without any actual training. Intelligent girl.” – Reddit


5. “He was picked off the street by a friend, who gave him to me when I least expected or even wanted a dog. I had just moved to India and everything seemed new and different. He was about six months old, and the ‘nicest’ puppy you could ever get your hands on. He wasn’t a tubby, rolly-polly playful bugger, as puppies usually are. He was sweet, quiet, cuddly, and pulled on your heart strings in ways you never thought imaginable. He’s been my constant sidekick, my muse, the love of my life, my boy.” – Alicia Souza


6. “I brought two Indian pariah puppies home. They were scared at first. But when they got enough milk they were happy. As the days passed they became a part of the family.” – Quora


7. ” Found him on streets during winters when he was just 1 month old and now he is part of the family.” – Quora


8. “I have 4 Indian breed dogs. They have the most expressive eyes. Most importantly, they are the most adaptable dog species for the Indian weather. No one on earth will love you more than an Indian street dog whom you adopted from a shelter, releasing them from the lonely and captive life.” – Quora


9. “I have an Indian dog. I found him abandoned on a street corner when he was barely fifteen days old. I took him home and it changed my life forever. He’s fiercely protective of me. No one can mess with me if he is around. He looks a bit fierce, but is extremely loving. He’s extremely independent. He doesn’t need me to be around. I’ve seen him stay home without messing up my stuff or whining or dirtying the house when I’m away.” – Quora


10. “I brought her home as a deserted puppy from my parking lot in Delhi. She may have been between 20–25 days old only. This little puppy could climb 4 flights of stairs and could run faster than most adult dogs. While most dogs tend to mellow down and calm down from puppyhood in around a year, indies tend to remain energetic puppies at least until the age of 3. They are super loving and are not fussy eaters. They barely fall ill and require minimal upkeep but if you keep them in good health they look cuter than any pedigree dog. I’ve never seen her lose patience.” – Quora


11. “I didn’t even have to train my dog. It came pre trained in every single way. They’re very intelligent compared to let’s say, Labradors.” – Reddit


12. “We started by adopting one female desi dog and now we have 4.” – Reddit

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13. “Pariah mixes are amazing dogs. Better than most pure breeds in almost every way. The 4 desis we have had were insanely healthy; 2 are still only a couple of years old, but the other other 2 lived till 14.5 years, with almost zero issues.” – Reddit


14. “We had adopted an Indie (central India) and he’s the most amazing dog, very active, playful and extremely notorious. He’s 2 years and have never bitten anyone because we taught him not to. It all depends on you that how your dog will turn out.” – Reddit


15. “I have 2 Indie dogs and I’m gonna say they are the gems I have in the life. They are my angels at times when I was alone in COVID and have been my companions through rough times. It’s because of them I try to feed any stray that I find on my commute. Helps me feel worthy of my karma.” – Reddit


16. “Indie pets are beautiful, brave, loving & loyal. Had breeder dogs in the distant past and cuties Bholu and Zee for over 10 years now. So seen both sides.” – Twitter

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