Real-life heroes exist among us, we just fail to notice them sometimes. And, these small gestures of kindness and compassion towards animals is proof that humanity lives on, no matter how bad things get. 

1. Shailaja, an IT professional takes care of the animals on the streets of Hyderabad.

Shailaja has been feeding, rescuing and sterilising stray dogs since 2018. She also pays for their medical expenses from her own pocket. She takes care of 50 stray dogs. She wants to help animals for as long as she can, and for that very reason she wants to build a foster home for animals in the near future. 

2. Chennai man travels 25 kms in lockdown to feed, bathe and to take care of mother dog and her pups. 

S Kuppuraj, a man from Mylapore in Chennai, travels every day to Avadi during lockdown to feed and look after a female dog named Cutie and her pups. He helped her during her pregnancy and also provided medical assistance to her for mange, a skin disease. He has been taking good care of her for more than two decades. 

3. Temple serves gallons of milk offered by devotees to hungry stray dogs. 

In a heartwarming gesture, volunteers from a temple were seen serving milk, collected during rituals and ceremonies, to stray dogs who were in dire need of food.

4. Hyundai showroom adopted a stray dog and promoted him to be a salesperson in the showroom.

A Hyundai showroom in Brazil adopted a stray dog, Tucson Prime, who enjoyed hanging out by the showroom. He was welcomed into their sales family as an honorary employee and was designated as a salesperson in the showroom. 

5. Boy puts mask on dog before putting on his own. 

An adorable video of a young boy from Eucador putting a mask on his pet dog went viral on the internet. Before going on a bicycle ride, the boy can be seen putting a mask on his dog first and then wearing his own mask. 

6. Exhausted Rhino rests on the roadside in flood-hit Kaziranga while officials guarded it. 

Forest officials in flood-hit Kaziranga guarded a rhinoceros as it rested on the roadside on National Highway-37 in Assam. The exhausted rhino ventured out the jungle to take refuge in the safer, higher ground of the Karbi Anglong Hills. Even passersby didn’t disturb the animal.

7. A disabled cow in Pune is gifted a prosthetic leg by some good samaritans. 

Some good samaritans came to the rescue of a disabled cow, living in a shelter in Pune, as it couldn’t stand or walk properly. In a kind gesture, the cow was gifted with a prosthetic leg by Dr Salil Jain, head of prosthetics and orthotics department at Sancheti Hospital, Pune and his team. 

8. A village in Tamil Nadu kept their street lights off for a month to help a Robin lay eggs in peace. 

Residents of a small village hidden in the Shivangana district of Tamil Nadu, voluntarily stayed in the dark for a month to ensure a Magpie-Robin could lay its eggs and hatch them in peace. Over 100 families agreed to keep the lights off and stay in the dark until the birds were ready to fly away from the switchboard.

9. A shopkeeper in Mumbai gave shelter to a stray dog in his shop during heavy rains.

A kind shopkeeper from Mumbai allowed a stray dog to take shelter in his store during heavy rains. The female dog initially took shelter on the door-mat but, when the shopkeeper took notice, he immediately opened the door for her to enter into the shop. 

10. A guy found caterpillars in his Broccoli so he raised them into butterflies and set them free. 

After finding caterpillars in his broccoli, Sam Darlaston decided to keep them as his pet till they turned into butterflies. He took good care of 7 caterpillars and documented their journey by giving regular updates about each caterpillar on Twitter. Finally, he set them free after they grew into butterflies. 

11. Two young boys were hailed as heroes for putting band-aids on an injured puppy. 

In a viral photo, two boys were seen giving first-aid to an injured puppy. The injured puppy sat on the lap of one of the boy while the other boy looked on and provided assistance. They won the internets heart with their act of kindness. 

12. Mumbai man climbs a building to save a cat that got stuck in the wires. 

18-year-old Masbazz Shaikh from Mumbai rescued a stray cat, who was dangling above Pehelvi restaurant at Bazar road in Bandra. He bravely climbed up to the balcony of the building to get the cat to a safer place.   

There is still some hope in this world.