There’s no denying that we’d take our pets everywhere if we could. I mean, who doesn’t want a world like that? Our minds and hearts are constantly with them, no matter where we are. 


While, they are usually the easiest to hang out with, taking them places isn’t as easy. Now, imagine a cab service for your pets. It does sound great, right?

Amarjeet Singh, who also had a pet dog named Scooby, is a cab driver who’s come up with a Pet Taxi in Delhi. He picks and drops pets with their person. And, this is as wholesome as it sounds. The post about the service recently went viral, when an Instagram page that goes by the username pawsitivecoexistence shared it.

The pandemic affected a lot of people and businesses and Amarjeet Singh was one of them. Cab services in the city saw a decline and he didn’t have enough work to make ends meet. He then started a cab service for pets and now he’s doing what he actually loves – being with animals. This also made it possible for him to earn during the pandemic. 

And, people are loving the service, and spreading information about it.


Delhi’s very own, superhero for animals.

You can get in touch with Amarjeet Singh on the given contact number: 9899427726