So, Wimbledon, one of the 4 Slams, decided to train dogs to act as ball boys and girls – a move that would have made tennis – already a delight – a 1000x more fun to watch.

And they were really committed to the idea. The training started at the Wilton Tennis Club where the dogs were asked to fetch the ball, which they did nicely – and then kept it.

The doggos refused to give up the ball and that would result in a hilarious struggle between them and the players.

Ultimately, it was decided that they’d be lured with treats and the trick worked, but the idea wasn’t efficient enough to be implemented in a Grand Slam, so the plan had to be dropped.

In an interview, the Wilton Club coordinator, said, “Our players did find themselves in a game of tug-of-war. We had a stash of treats on the sidelines to offer up as a bit of encouragement which certainly did the trick”. 

Earlier in 2016, shelter dogs were used as ball boys at a Brazil Open exhibition match. You’d best believe it was one of the highlights of the year for the sporting world.

Well, they tried their best. Full marks to all of them.