There’s no doubt about the fact that trains are the most convenient and affordable means of travelling in our country. But, the pet-owners are highly skeptical of travelling with their pets on public transport. However, you can easily travel with dogs on trains. 

Sandhya Majji, a proud doggo-mum of a Scottish Labrador Retriever, recently shared a video on how she travels with her cute dog in train. 

If you own a pet and are planning to travel with your dog in future (post-covid, obviously), here’s everything you need to know about travelling with your dog on the train.


How to book the tickets and coupe for your pet?

You need to book confirmed first AC tickets. You can either book four tickets to block an individual coupe or book two tickets and send a request to the railway reservation officer in advance, requesting to allocate 2 coupes. You can either meet the railway reservation officer personally or drop the letter in dropbox. In the letter, you can simply mention your details including your travelling destination, the age of your dog and request for allocating a coupe. 

Remember, the pets aren’t allowed in AC sleeper coaches, AC chair car coaches and second class coaches.


If you don’t have confirmed tickets, the only way to travel for your pets is to be carried in the luggage section. However, it can be very harsh since they will be locked up in a cage. 

The coupe allocation confirmation will be sent in four hours, through a text message, prior to your departure. In case the coupe is not allocated, you cannot travel with your dog.


What do you need to do after the confirmation?

After confirmation, you need to reach the parcel office two hours before your departure, in order to collect the booked tickets for your pet. Depending on the size of the dog, a payment of ₹10 or above will be charged for a booking slip.

You need to carry your tickets along with a copy of your identity card and a pet fitness certificate, not older than 48 hours.


Here’s a bonus tip!

Sandhya Majji shared an interesting tip for everyone: take a screenshot of all the longer stops to get your dog down to do his business. Also, carry warm clothes, cozy blankets, medications, a mouth cap, a leash, dog food and lots of water for your dog.

New Indian Express

Things to remember:

The dogs detected unbooked with the passenger in first-class compartments are charged six times the luggage scale rate.

VOILA! You are all set to travel with your doggo on the train now! (Again, post-covid, please).


To know more tips and tricks, you can watch Sandhaya Majji’s video here:

This makes me want to cuddle with my (imaginary) doggo right away!