In order to achieve luscious and healthy hair, we often use several ingredients and remedies that promise to work wonders. However, most of these ingredients that we ‘imagined’ were good for our tresses do more harm than good.

We consulted dermatologist, Dr. Gargi Taneja, Aesthetic Dermatologist from Uncover Laser, Skin & Hair Clinics to make a list of such ingredients and how they might be damaging our hair. Read on!

Dermat Ingredient

1. Onion

While it’s known for encouraging hair growth, its pungent smell can linger longer than anticipated. It also irritates the scalp and can cause contact reactions instead of long tresses.

Onion - Dermat Ingredient

2. Coconut Oil

This renowned hair care ingredient can be a nightmare for certain hair types, especially those with dandruff, oily scalp and thin hair. Also, excessive use can lead to a greasy and weighed-down look rather than the desired luster.

Dermat Ingredient Coconut Oil

3. Honey

This ingredient and its stickiness attract dirt and pollutants, making hair feel cluttered. It’s also difficult to wash out and leaves a residue, which can result in a messy and potential allergic reaction.

Dermat Lists Ingredient Honey

4. Garlic

Like onion, this ingredient also has a strong scent that may be off-putting. This ingredient not only irritates the scalp, but can also cause contact reactions.

Dermat Lists Ingredient Garlic

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5. Eggs

This ingredient has a high risk of causing allergic reactions and infections. Additionally, if it’s not washed thoroughly, it can be cooked in the hair, when exposed to hot water!


6. Lavender Oil

While it’s safe for hair, using it undiluted can cause massive skin irritation. It should be used as a hair mask on the hair, and not the scalp, for not more than an hour before washing it out.

Lavender Oil

7. Fenugreek

This item also has a strong odor and using them too much or leaving them in your hair for too long might result in an icky smell and can cause allergic reactions.


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8. Aloe Vera Gel

While it could be beneficial for several hair types, it might not be suitable for those with oily hair as it can add extra moisture and make hair look greasy. Also, it will give no long-term benefits to your hair.

Aloe Vera Gel Dermat Ingredient

9. Green Tea

If this ingredient is used too frequently or left in the hair for a long time, it may cause extreme dryness and will have no effect in the long run.

Green Tea Dermat Ingredient

10. Curry Leaves

Apart from an overpowering scent, this ingredient might cause irritation.

Curry Leaves Dermat Ingredient

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11. Peanut Butter

This ingredient is great to be put on bread, not on our hair! The sticky texture could be difficult to wash out and might leave a residue behind, causing irritation.

Peanut Butter Dermat Ingredient

12. Vaginal Cream To Treat Yeast Infection

These creams are made for different pH levels and body parts. If it’s used on the scalp or hair, it can hamper the natural balance of the scalp and lead to irritation.

Vaginal Cream To Treat Yeast Infection

13. Oil Scalp Massages

While scalp massages with warm oil can be soothing and enhance blood circulation for a short while, using too much oil or not washing it out completely can increase secondary fungal infection.

Oil Scalp Massages

14. Mayonnaise

This ingredient’s thick consistency can make it difficult to rinse out and cause irritation and allergic reactions. 

Mayonnaise Dermat Ingredient

Uncover Clinics has the best technology, smooth and painless procedures, trained and experienced experts and show guaranteed results. Shoutout to them for partnering with us and providing genuine information that will help you take care of your hair.

We’d like to highlight that the effectiveness of these ingredients may change depending on individual hair types. Nevertheless, these are some items that might be damaging!

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