When you think of aliens, UFOs, and other outer worldly things, India doesn’t strike as the ‘hub’, but did you know India also has its fair share of these mysterious and spooky sightings that will send a chill down your spine? Yes, you read that right. Read about these 7 times desi people allegedly saw aliens and other spooky things on the Indian turf.

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1. When people saw a strange humanoid figure walking down the streets of Jharkhand at night.

In 2021, a viral video showed a strange humanoid figure walking down the streets of Jharkhand’s Hazaribagh. The strange figure was walking down the highway streets at night while a few vehicles passed by. It was only when a bike stopped and aimed its headlights towards the figure, one could see that it was totally naked. People alleged that they saw an alien.


2. When people spotted a strange ring in Delhi skies in March 2022.

Back in March 2022, Delhi residents saw a black circle in the sky. It was a perfect black circle and it was so uniform in size, thickness, and diameter that it was spooky. We leave it to you to figure out what this sign meant.

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3. The mysteries that lay shrouded in Kongka La Pass.

Located near the India-China border in Ladakh, the Kongka La Pass is India’s very own Area 51. Several local witnesses have claimed that have seen flying saucers and other unidentified flying objects in the area. It’s quite intriguing to see how some conspiracy theorists share photos from Google Earth that depict mysterious caves that seem to appear and disappear at random intervals. Considering the challenging topography and inaccessible pathways, the existence of a UFO base appears to be a reasonable possibility.

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4. When a pilot claimed that she spotted a UFO near Pune.

In 2014, a pilot of an Ahmedabad-bound flight reported a green and white UFO flying at a height of almost 26,000 feet near Pune. She called the watch supervisory officer at Mumbai Air Traffic Control and informed them that she was flying at a height of 26,000 feet and had spotted the UFO hovering at 310 degrees.

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5. When Kochi spotted UFO-like lights in its sky.

In 2014, India Today reported that people in Kochi saw a strange arrangement of lights in pitch dark sky. The lights were bright red and green in colour and it looked like a nail. People saw these lights in the sky before they disappeared under the rain and a thick blanket of clouds.

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India Today

6. When residents of Chennai spotted orange lights in the sky.

As reported by The Hindu, people in Chennai’s Mogappair claimed to see five specks of bright orange light moving from the south to the north in the sky. One witness claimed that these spots appeared in batches of five and they disappeared after a few seconds.

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7. When a mysterious light lit the Kolkata sky for three minutes.

Sometime in December 2022, a bright mysterious light appeared in Kolkata for a few minutes before it disappeared into thin air. It was visible in Bishnupur, Kirnahar, Ghatal, and Murshidabad at around 5.47 pm. While everyone seemed clueless, it sparked some conversation on social media.

Now that we have given you some incidents that will leave you awake at night, decide for yourself if you believe in aliens and their ships.