We’ve heard and read about all possible wedding scenarios (that mostly went wrong) in the past one year. At this point, we are also a land of weird weddings. And in yet more bizarre news, we have twin sisters who married the same man.

Twin Sisters
Source: India Today

In a video from a wedding ceremony in Maharashtra’s Solapur district, twin sisters are seen getting married to the same guy who’s an IT professional. The families of the brides and the groom had agreed with this arrangement. Reportedly, the three of them grew up, living in the same house.

Source: Twitter

This video has left the internet processing about marriage as a concept. While the arrangement has left people with different reactions, it is a non-cognisable offence under Section 494. As a result, the groom has been charged with bigamy, which draws a seven-year jail sentence.

Who said love isn’t complicated?