Every working professional is aware of the importance of a resume. The resume always speaks on your behalf to your prospective employer before you even get to the skill test and further interviews. In case you are job hunting right now, like almost everyone around you, we found the perfect Twitter thread to help you tailor your resume and help you land that dream job.

Shared by Ashok Ramachandran, this Twitter thread has more than 3k likes. As a CEO, Ashok runs “a company of 5,000 people”. He lists these five mistakes job seekers should not make in their resumes. Read on to find them out.

1. The use of buzzwords picked straight from Google.

Buzzwords are often not a good addition to a resume because they simply show how effectively you could Google fancy terms. It does not reflect “the interviewee’s personality”. Simplicity is the key.

2. Pictures don’t speak louder.

You can skip adding your picture on the CV but not your core skills. However, if you still want to add a picture for a personal touch, then a selfie isn’t the right choice.

3. Grammatical errors are, always, tacky.

Take your time and go through your resume as many times as you can. No one likes grammatical errors. And definitely not in a professional setting. You can use a variety of online tools to make sure there are no grammatical or syntax errors in your resume.

4. Details. Details. Details.

If you have mentioned “detail oriented” in your resume, now is the time to prove that. Add in all the missing details with regard to your previous job and achievements.

5. Keep it up to date.

While you are adding the minute details, make sure to update your resume with your current skills and your current job position. Fill in the loopholes.

If you are still thinking about why are resumes important, then here is your answer.

The thread has resonated with job seekers and job providers alike. Here is what they had to say.

Time to fix your resume now.