The memories of school days make us nostalgic. It’s good to remember all the fun we had in school because otherwise the rules in our schools sucked. Some of these rules were really weird when we think about them now.

Redditors shared some crazy rules from the schools they attended.

1. “My school would make the smug class leaders fine us one rupee for whenever they caught us speaking in Tamil. But the teachers mostly would take classes in Tamil, however they revert back to English when the principal/hod walks through the corridor!” –  RJP550

2. “No onion or garlic allowed, we were like OK, no onion & garlic. We used to smuggle chicken inside the school.” – high_dro18


3. “Couldn’t talk to girls in class. If you did means a trip to principal’s office.” – BadAssKnight

4. “My school had a form of “punishment” where boys were made to sit next to girls. Apparently this was meant to be humiliating.” – rushils


5. “That boys can’t grow long hair. I still don’t know why was this a rule. Also there was this class pass system in which just 2 students who have the pass can go out of the class. Doesn’t matter if your bladder is going to explode.” – Cameron2611

6. “Take your shoes off in the computer lab because if you wear the shoes, the viruses in the shoes will infect the computers.” – adxx12in


7. “I remember some of us were asked to go back to our homes because we wore sleeveless sweaters to school during one of the winter seasons. The principal stood at the entrance and called out anybody who wore a sleeveless sweater, made them stand aside separately and later we’re asked to call our parents to escort us back home. She expected everyone to wear a sweater of her choice i.e., a full sleeved sweater even though we had the freedom of choice to opt between either of them.”  – BesraSangram

8. “I was in Arya Vidya Mandir. We had a fucking half hour Havan every Wednesday morning; fire and ghee and sandalwood and all. Turned me atheist so hard, so fast. Rest of the schools have value education, we had Dharma Shiksha. Not sure if it falls under crazy/ridiculous rules per se, but whatever it was, it was definitely crazy.” – HawkmothEffect


9. “Only one student allowed to take restroom break at a time. Had to carry a “pass” when going to take a leak. Of course there were a few accidents.” – spddgr8

10. “In 9th class, one of our teachers came up with the idea that the students should be seated according to the marks they got in the tests. Our class at that time had windows on only one wall, it was quite badly ventilated. The students with good marks were made to sit on the benches beside the windows, followed by the middle scorers in the middle and students with low scores farthest from the window at the hottest part of the class.” – dedrattle


11. “Oil your hair. The prefects would touch your hair every morning to check if it’s greasy enough. It had to be a lot of oil. The first day of this rule my mom thought the oil was enough but I got punished because it wasn’t.” – give_me_your_dog

12. “The books in the library were locked up in shelves, and we weren’t issued those books, because they just happened to have lost the keys to almost all of those shelf-locks. Same with most of the equipment in science labs and sports rooms.” – MukeshBambani


13. “Underwear check. Yes, true story. Everyone must wear white colour underwear.” – passive_smoker

14. “Post-recess if you were late to enter your class you would have to kneel down in the staircase/outside principal’s office for until she realized we were outside the door.” – xd_Avedis_AD


15. “We had to were a ribbon around our necks if they find us speaking in Telugu/Hindi.” – iamchandrack

Did your school also have some weird rules? Let us know.