Okay, firstly, think of the dumbest reason you would pick to quit your job. Lol, maybe you are stuck inside a washing machine? or how about your brain telling you not to work? 

When it comes to giving excuses, we all have mastered that art. Meanwhile, people on Reddit are sharing the dumbest reason they quit their jobs, and each of them is hilarious.  

1. “A guy at my company who had been there for over thirty years (with no intention to climb the ladder may I add) quit because he was given a new manager who was a female and refused to take orders from anyone other than a male.”


2. “A worker in the medical device manufacturing plant I used to work at was fired for refusing to perform a required test. As soon as he was informed of his termination one of his friends that worked there came into the office and said ‘He’s my ride home, so I quit’.”


3. “I had this warehouse job for a while, and it was either really slow or really busy. During the really slow times, my boss would let us smoke weed in the warehouse. One slow day my boss heard his supervisor was coming to inspect the place, so my boss told us to not smoke weed today. Well, this really pissed off this thug kid, who promptly lit a blunt and quit.”


4. “I had a girl walk off the job because I told her that she couldn’t hang out with her boyfriend at work.”


5. “A guy I worked with at a bar was carrying a tray of drinks he was supposed to drop off at various tables. All of a sudden he decided he was about to quit so he puts down the tray, chugs a couple of beers and walks out. Best. Exit. Ever.”


6. “Accused of stealing toilet paper. Everyone knew it was her, and even though she never admitted it the mysterious disappearances stopped as soon as she quit.”


7. “Guy stood up from his desk and announced “I’m off to Hollywood!” and walked out. We never saw him again.”


8. “A more ‘mature’ woman in our office who’d only been here about 6 weeks, quit because she couldn’t work the touchscreen on the printer with her hideously long false nails. I kid you not.”


9. “Worked at a country club in college, and they announced there would be no more eating free food from the kitchen. This semi-retired guy who had worked there forever just said ‘I Quit’, walked out, and was never seen again. He was my hero in a way. I have come to realize when accountants take over, the place is doomed.”


10. “Working at a theme park, a girl left her ride and tracked down her boss to turn in her ID and quit. Her only explanation was ‘It’s a spider over there’.”


11. “I had a dude quit a very sweet construction gig because his brother showed up on the job site on a different project. He did warn us that he’d leave if his brother showed up and we all thought he was bullshitting. Nope, no bullshitting.”


12. “My friend quit her job as a baker in a coffee shop because her boss got onto her for forgetting to buy butter. Seriously. Her boss was like, “you didn’t buy butter, so we can’t make cupcakes today,” so my friend quit because she felt belittled.”


13. “I work in a dental office and we had a new girl quit because she wasn’t allowed to wear nail polish.”


14. “One guy once quit because he said, “37 hours a week is too much. He didn’t have enough time to party and train at the gym.”


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