Although you have mentally mapped out the content of your upcoming video, it is not as simple to just read your script in front of the camera. The execution needs to be as craftily as the conception of your content and nothing should be rushed. 

If you think that your videos, although being well-planned, lack implementation then fret not, this course by the good Creator Academy is here to teach you #everythingcontent from A-Z.

Fourth Source

Learn to create effective content for your beloved brands as this content-focused course will take you on a step-by-step walkthrough of an OKTested video, right from ideation to production. And the course will be captained by none other than Aakanksha Pushp and Satyam Jha!

Aakansha is a talented and well-known art director, artist, graphic designer, and content creator who works across a variety of areas. She is the optimal choice for guiding you in influencing your dreams.

By transitioning from an editor to a full-time creative director and becoming one of ScoopWhoop OKTested’s most popular names, Satyam has shown that creativity and determination can go one far.

Folks buckle up for 2 July, 2022 and if you haven’t registered already, you can do it here