Ratan Tata is a well-renowned person all around the globe. The former chairman of Tata Sons and Tata group comes from a long line of businesspeople. But people in India have more knowledge about his assistant Shantanu Naidu than they do about the other members of the Tata family. The lack of information and the private lives lived by the members of the Tata family could definitely be the reason behind it. So, we tried to scavenge the internet to know about the other members of the Tata family.

Lesser-known Tata Family Members

1. Jimmy Tata

Search Google for Ratan Tata’s siblings, and this is the result you’ll find –

The fact is, Jimmy Tata is Ratan Tata’s younger brother while Noel Tata is their half-brother from his father’s side. There are very few articles written about Jimmy Tata. Jimmy is younger to Ratan Tata by two years and worked in various Tata companies before he retired in the ’90s. 


Jimmy Tata, like Ratan Tata, is a shareholder in Tata Sons and several other Tata companies. He is also a trustee of Sir Ratan Tata Trust. He is a bachelor who lives in his 2BHK in Colaba, Mumbai away from the limelight.

2. Simone Tata

Simone Naval Tata, née Dunoyer, is a Swiss-born Indian businesswoman who was the second wife of Naval Tata. Simone joined the Board of Lakme Ltd in 1961 and was appointed as the Managing Director in 1964. She took over as Chairman of the Board in 1982. She founded Trent and served as its Non-Executive Chairman until 30 October 2006.

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3. Noel Naval Tata

Noel Naval Tata is the son of Naval Tata and Simone Tata. He is Ratan Tata and Jimmy Tata’s half-brother from their father’s side. He is an Indian businessman with Irish citizenship. Noel is the chairman of Trent, a company founded by his mother Simone Tata. The retail store Westside is operated by Trent.  

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He is also the chairman of Tata Investment Corporation, the managing director of Tata International, and the vice-chairman of Titan Company. He is married to Aloo Mistry, and they have three children – Leah, Maya, and Neville. 

4. Leah Tata

Leah Noel Tata is the eldest daughter of Noel Tata. According to this report, she did her Masters in marketing at the IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. Leah started her career as assistant sales manager at the Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces in 2006 and serves as Manager – Development and Expansion at Taj Hotels


5. Maya Tata

Maya Tata is Noel Tata’s younger daughter. Maya used to work at Tata Opportunities Fund, where she handled investor relationships and portfolio management. According to a report, Maya likely moved into Tata Digital, following the abrupt closure of the Tata Opportunities Fund. 


6. Neville Tata

Neville Tata is Noel Tata and Aloo Mistry’s son. He works with the retail chain, Trent, a company founded by his grandmother Simone Tata and built by his father Noel Tata. 

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Neville managed hyperlocal food at Trent, the operator of Westside, Star Bazaar, and Landmark stores, which has a joint venture with Tesco. He is married to Manasi Kirloskar, director of Kirloskar Technologies. They have a son named Jamset Tata

There’s little to no information available on the internet about Leah and her siblings. They keep a low profile and have merged into the system at different Tata companies. Noel Tata, says they shouldn’t get any preferential treatment just because they are his kids and should work in different segments of the company to get better exposure.