Companies often have bizarre policies tucked away cleverly under clauses and sub-clauses in a contract. One of those policies is the notice period duration. The notice period duration has been the topic of countless heated debates since time immemorial.

Recently, a LinkedIn user sparked this debate once again. Yash Thakkar took to LinkedIn and shared a post. His post read, “A company with a 90-day notice period is looking for candidates who can join immediately within a week or two.” He asked his connections to share what their notice period was.

Yash Thakkar's LinkedIn post
Source: LinkedIn / Yash Thakkar

The post ignited the notice period debate once again. On one hand, companies follow a 90-day notice period rule while other companies want someone to join their team immediately, often leaving employees distraught. Meanwhile employees are not even allowed to take leaves during the notice period. The LinkedIn post received more than 39K likes, more than 1K comments, and more than 700 reshares.

People shared their thoughts on the notice period duration. Some favoured the 90-day policy while others questioned the need for a long duration when often a one-month long notice period is sufficient. Here is what they had to say.

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What are your thoughts on longer notice periods?