A “call me” text has the power to make anyone anxious, no matter who it comes from. Am I right or am I right? 

We just go on into overthinking the message and form the worst scenarios in our head (even some impossible ones).  

Now, imagine that you get an email that reads “call me” from your boss. Just thinking about it gives me the jitters. Since we are working from home and communicate mostly on mails and chats, probably each and every message sounds alarming even when it’s not.  

But this boss has won hearts online, with the ‘perfect email’, which has now gone viral.  

A TikTok user, who goes by the name Jess, recently shared a clip talking about an email from her boss, that appeared breezy but had words that could make anyone anxious – Call Me.


She begins by saying, “Anxious? Me? Not at all!” And then switches to a screengrab of an email she received early in the morning. Jess says, “This is a normal email that every boss sends to their employee.”  

As we look closer, ‘call me when you have the chance’ reads the message. That’s enough to make a mountain out of a molehill. Isn’t it? 

Obviously, as you get close to the meeting time, questions play on repeat in your head. Did I make a blunder? Am I going to get fired? Do I need to hunt for a new job? — and it certainly keeps getting worse. 

The email was nothing like the emails that send us spiralling in dread. It’s literally, perfect. 


The email read: “Sounds good. Call me when you have a chance – NOTHING IS WRONG! We haven’t spoken and I wanted to see how your holidays were. “PLEASE DO NOT READ ANYTHING ELSE INTO THIS REQUEST.” 


But this manager earned the title of the ‘best boss’ with their effort to put the employee at ease. 

In big bold letters, Jess’ boss emphasised that there’s nothing to worry about. And made it clear that they just wanted to catch up. 

According to a report in LADbible, a TikToker named Gabriella Cázares-Kelly made it to the comments claiming to be the boss from the email. “I’m the boss. It’s common for me to call staff members and say, ‘can you come see me in my office? YOU’RE NOT IN TROUBLE,'” Kelly explained. 

The boss is now getting well-deserved praises on the internet for the simple yet effective approach. What’s better than working for people who get you?