Are you in college looking to make some extra bucks? Maybe you are someone who simply wants to venture on the freelance journey but doesn’t really understand how to go about it? Whichever the case may be, if you want to learn about the ABC of freelance, then here are some influencers who can help you with it.

1. Shreya Pattar

Shreya Pattar is a professional content writer and digital marketer. She’s very well known for her fresh approach to traditional marketing ideas. Shreya has over 120k followers on LinkedIn and is a pro-active advocate for freelancers, constantly motivating more people to get into the field of freelancing. 

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Shreya believes that all you need is a marketable skill and an internet connection to get started with freelancing, and give yourself the freedom to work from anywhere. 

I think outside the box, and when needed, I create a new box.

-Shreya Pattar

2. Saheli Chatterjee

Saheli Chatterjee is nothing less than a saheli for brands and businesses that are trying to build a presence through social media. Being a successful freelancer herself, she is on a mission to inspire more people to join the field of freelancing through her content, and become independent.


You can find exactly what you need to kickstart your freelance career through her content. She helps freelancers learn how to approach and get more clients who are willing to pay up. With over 120k followers on both her Instagram and YouTube pages, her content can sure help you brush up your skills and become a successful freelancer

3. Komal Ahuja

Komal Ahuja specialises in helping B2B SaaS brands grow to new heights. Her engaging content has helped several brands achieve better search engine rankings. Through her targeted content and consulting she’s been helping freelancers learn the ins and outs of freelancing and improve their skills. 


With almost 80k followers on LinkedIn and an Instagram account that’s growing prominently, she sure can help you understand what freelancing is. Komal also tells you how you can leverage your following to your advantage and make an entire career out of it.

4. Vedika Bhaia

The young and energetic Vedika Bhaia is the founder of The Fourth Square, a digital marketing agency. She has mastered the art of generating leads for brands or businesses through her insightful and compelling content. 


Through her Instagram handle, which has almost 24k followers, she helps freelancers find their way around the world. She talks about the things you should do to improve yourself and get more work but also tells you about things you should be avoiding. Her content will sure help your freelance career grow to new heights. All you need to do is make efforts and keep brushing yourself up.

5. Pragati Gupta

Pragati Gupta is an IMS, DAVV alumna, who has an amazing following of 117k on her Linkedin. Through her expertise in content creation and copywriting, Pragati assists businesses in transforming ideas into powerful written words, and converting readers into customers.


Pragati mostly talks about freelancing as a career through Linkedin. She shares her own experiences along with how you can get started as a freelancer. Her tips can help you learn about branding and how to create effective copies that help generate amazing brand awareness and leads for your clients.

6. Sakshi Shukla

Sakshi is a professional copy and content writer. Her love for writing drove her to make an independent career out of it. She advises brands on how to grow and establish their presence in the market. 


She currently has a following of over 27,000 followers on LinkedIn. Sakshi uses her experience and expertise to inspire freelancers through her insightful posts.

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