The internet always has something that manages to leave us surprised every day. This includes stories of passion and we’ve come across yet another one, that left us thinking about priorities. This time, it’s a teacher who refused to take leave on his wedding day. 


Kumar Gaurav who’s a teacher from Alwar, taught his students by coming live on his wedding day via a ‘Shiksha Rath’. Students were surprised seeing him in his wedding attire during a lecture. Talking about this, the administration mentioned that he had denied missing on any of the classes, even after he was offered the leave. 

He had informed about his wedding date around five months ago. Usually, a holiday for 4-5 days is granted, but he said he did not wish to miss any single class and would take lectures on the wedding day as well.

-Nirmal to ANI


Kumar Gaurav is a well-known teacher for Current Affairs and also a world-record holder in teaching most number of students online. And, his dedication not only surprised people, but also left his students happy and proud of their teacher.


Understandably, he garnered a lot of praise from netizens.

It’s stories like these that leave us wanting to do more for the society.