Everyone is aware of the relationship a company HR personnel shares with a humble rangoli. This has been the topic for endless memes and stand up comic scripts. But you also cannot blame them because there is hardly any HR personnel reference in the media. There are numerous representations of engineers, doctors, and consultants. But for HRs, there is only this infamous guy.


And if you work in Human Resources, you know how everyone treats you exactly like how this dude was treated while you are simply doing your job. It does get exhausting when people just take one aspect of your job and think that is all you do, no matter how much you explain it to them.
Here are some posters that highlight the things HRs are tired of hearing. If only people knew the reality.

HRs stay with you even before you join the organization till the time you receive your final settlement. They also help you with the documentation process and even taxes. Also while everyone in your team might forget your birthday, the HR always sends you a mail. In the end, they are simply doing their job.
(P.S: Ask the HR for a gift voucher this Diwali rather than soan papdi.)

Creatives by: Shanu Ketholia