Hostel life is nice, and then it’s not, and then it’s nice again. It’s a roller-coaster, you get the point? But it’s definitely not a piece of cake, because you gotta share that piece. You gotta share EVERYTHING. Basically, from sad mess ka khana to doing the dirty laundry, it’s a whole ‘nother grounding experience. 

But, Redditors have some real advice that you need for survival.

1. “Hide your precious things in a locker, people steal.”

2. “Be disciplined with food and sleep. This is very hard to do when you are 17, but take it from someone who did it all wrong. You will have a good college experience only if you keep healthy.”

3. “Walk around in your hostel completely naked on the first day greeting everybody in a formal manner.

Trust me, nobody will ever mess with you.”

– da_dope

4. “Always keep Vaseline around.”

5. “Keep laddus safe.”

6. “Use shower gel instead of soap bar. Very convenient to store.”

7. “Never invite friends to your room for drinks or cards, you may not have a room after that night. Ruin other guys’ rooms.”

8. “If you do not have an attached bathroom, wake up early.”

9. “Buy a kettle. Also, keep liquid cash.”

10. “Wash your clothes and bedsheets thoroughly, and watch out for tick, bedbugs and fleas infestation in your hostel. If anyone else has it, your bed has it too. Burn that mattress to the ground and get rid of the bed.”

11. “Check and confirm there is water in the tap before you start doing whatever you are there to do, every single time.”

12. “If phones are banned, change your notification tone to a cricket chirping.”

13. “Try to establish a good relationship with your roommate(s).”

– bobz24

14. “Respect the warden, but don’t let them stomp over you.”

15. “Keep a stash of snacks, mosquito coils, matches which you’re willing to share. Doesn’t need to be expensive stuff, but nothing like being the helpful guy. On a side note, dry maggi tastes pretty nice.”

Conclusion: Maggi is the key to a happy hostel life.