From the right environment to having a supportive team, there’s no doubt that choosing the right job can be a little tough. Sometimes, it appears to be ‘that dream job’, but turns into a nightmare real quick.

We have heard about the strangest reasons for people leaving their jobs, but there are just a few people who talk about the real and relatable reasons for taking this big decision.

In a thread, a woman revealed the bizarre reason for quitting her job and it’s both, shocking and blood-boiling!

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In the post, she mentioned how she quit her job within three days after her boss chewed her out for some unbelievable reasons. He questioned her mental health condition, which is against the law.

“He asked me, rather condescendingly, if I have a mental health condition. I said nothing I had been diagnosed with. He then accused me of skirting the topic and demanded an answer once again. I told him I had been prescribed antidepressants a long time ago and stopped taking them more than half a year ago. He told me I should have declared this to him during our interview so he could make the decision as to whether to hire me, despite the fact that he never asked me. I’m pretty sure that is against the law.”

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In the next point, she mentioned that he also accused her of disappearing for ages, when she had been in the washroom for merely ten minutes. 

“I was in the toilet for 10+ minutes, he questioned why I took so long to go to the toilet when I said it was because of constipation, he said I should have declared this issue to him during the interview too.”

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The boss also asked her why she wasn’t doing work when it was piling up, which she was doing. Next, he questioned why she was so slow, when she was still learning the work. When she explained her points to him, she accused her of arguing with him. 

Then, she took a big step and resigned. Nevertheless, she contemplated her decision and asked the other users for their intervention. 

“I, of course, feel great relief at leaving what I perceive to be a toxic place. However, I do realize how bad it seems to quit so soon, and my dad thinks I should have toughed it out, so I would like your opinion. Did I do the right thing, or should I have stayed?”

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The netizens, without a thought, told her that she took the right step.

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You can read the entire post here.

It’s 2023 and it’s time to stop questioning people on their physical or mental health under this toxic ‘hustle culture’.