Our environment is in dire need of help so this Diwali season let’s do our bit to save it from all kinds of pollution (noise pollution, plastic pollution, air pollution etc). Here are some basic things you can do celebrate a noiseless, pollution-free and eco-friendly Diwali. 

1. Say ‘no’ to crackers. 

While crackers have been an important part of Diwali celebrations, it’s pretty evident that it does nothing for the environment. They are just loud, noisy and dangerous and they just add to the existing pollution. 

Ways To Celebrate Pollution Free Diwali

2. Light up diyas in your house. 

Painting and lighting up diyas all around the house with your family and friends can also be a fun activity. Try it! This way, you’ll save the environment and also help poor artisans earn their living. 
Ways To Celebrate Pollution Free Diwali

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3. Use organic colours to make rangolis. 

C’mon who doesn’t like a colourful, intricate rangoli design in the house? You don’t have to be a pro at it. You can make simple design too, no pressure. Just do it for fun. 
Ways To Celebrate Pollution Free Diwali

4. Call your family and friends for a chill get together. 

Don’t hesitate to invite your friends and family over for lunch or dinner. Spend some time with them chatting or playing board games. There’s a lot you can do. 

Ways To Celebrate Pollution Free Diwali

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5. Give away old clothes to the needy. 

While de-cluttering your house, make sure you organize your cupboard and give away clothes to the needy that you don’t wear anymore or need. No harm in doing a good deed. Put a smile on their faces. 
Ways To Celebrate Pollution Free Diwali

6. Don’t use plastic for packing food or gifts. 

Avoid using plastic while packing food items and gifts to reduce plastic-pollution. Opt for paper bags instead. 
Ways To Celebrate Pollution Free Diwali

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7. Stay away from synthetic room freshners.

Try using organic incense sticks as well as fresh flowers. Got it?
Ways To Celebrate Pollution Free Diwali

8. Volunteer in an NGO. 

Just register with an NGO in your area and volunteer for a day, to celebrate with those who cannot afford anything. 

Ways To Celebrate Pollution Free Diwali

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9. Prepare sweets at home. 

Try to avoid buying sweets from the market, they are loaded with sugar and artificial colours. But, if you still want to buy sweets from a shop, take your own container and avoid using cellophane and other packaging products. 
Ways To Celebrate Pollution Free Diwali

10. Avoid using festive lights to decorate your house. 

Opt for fresh flowers like jasmine, marigold, rose, and lily to decorate your home and to feel the festive vibes.

Ways To Celebrate Pollution Free Diwali

Lets do our bit for the environment. 

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