Diwali is arguably one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India, and naturally, different brands try different ways to cash in on the festive vibe. But over the years, certain ads and brands have perfectly captured the spirit of Diwali and left us reliving what Diwali means to us. 

Here’s a look at some of the most memorable and amazing Diwali ads we’ve come across in these past few years: 

1. Deliver the love yourself (Khaas family): Amazon

Amazon’s latest ad is heartwarming and topical. Celebrating the strangers that became closer than family, in a way, when the Covid-19 pandemic struck India, Amazon’s ad reminds us to value random acts of kindness. And not only is it what Diwali stands for, but it also is the perfect message this year. 

2. Iss Diwali Aap Kise Khush Karenge Ad series: Cadbury

Cadbury has always hit the mark when it comes to ads that are entertaining and emotional. And among its many Diwali ads, the one that most of us remember fondly is where it reminded people to spread a little happiness this Diwali – then whether it is for your secretary, your boss, or even the neighborhood uncle who you irritated as a kid. Because spreading cheer is timeless. 

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3. Not Just A Cadbury Ad

Cadbury’s latest campaign brought together technology and emotion in a way that harbingers the future. Using machine learning, Cadbury made the effort to make India’s biggest superstar, Shah Rukh Khan, be the brand ambassador for local retailers across India. Because Diwali, in the truest sense, is when everyone benefits – not just the big brands! 

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4. Diwali badalni kyu hai?: Tanishq

Featuring Deepika Padukone, this ad by Tanishq (for its Divyam series) was a heartfelt reminder of how some things just never change – like homemade sweets, heartfelt hugs, and inside family jokes. And perhaps, with a festival like Diwali, there is no reason to change these things. 

5. Ghar se door par gharwalon se nahi: Vodafone 

An ad that left every person spending Diwali away from home emotional, this Vodafone ad can still bring a tear to your eye, and a smile to your face. After all, you may not be home for Diwali, but that does not mean you don’t celebrate Diwali. 


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6. Apne andar ke raavan ko jalana: Idea

There are few ads that can perfectly balance the right mix of being relatable and inspirational, without being preachy. This ad by Idea, that reminded you to let go of evil actions and thoughts, was one such ad. 

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7. Gharwali Diwali: Pepsi and Kurkure

Arguably one of the longest ad films shot, this ad is more like a short film than an ad. And it has all the emotions of one too. A not-so-subtle reminder to be there for our parents, emotionally and physically, this one might just make you feel more guilty than even Baghban! But, it’s still one of the warmest ads ever made. 

8. Khul ke manao Diwali: Tanishq 

Diwali is the unofficial signal in India to splurge. And Tanishq reminded the audience of just that. Also, while most Diwali ads feature communities, extended families, or parents – this one featured a couple. Because romance and Diwali can go hand-in-hand too. 

9. Diwali, orignal wali (Diwali words, not forwards): Vodafone

Grandparents are precious and that was the exact feeling Vodafone reminded us of, with this special ad that also took a dig at the pesky Diwali forwards. Certain special people in our life deserve personal messages, like grandmothers! 

10. Umeeda ka diya: HP

A tad bit melodramatic, but certainly emotional, this beautiful ad by HP advocated local purchases and it was spot on. Though the ad came out in 2018, the message stands true even today.

11. Diwali Ka Safar: Samsonite

Samsonite’s ad was a beautiful ode to the people who sacrifice family time and special festivals for us. It’s certainly not easy being away from home, especially during festivals. And we owe it to such people who do their duty and help us celebrate Diwali with our loved ones. 

As these ads prove, the festival of lights is nothing short of magical!