In what can easily be labeled the most entertaining Twitter showdown of the year, Diljit Dosanjh slammed Kangana Ranaut for her ill-informed tweets about the ongoing farmers’ protests. 

While Diljit’s responses made him a star on social media, this is certainly not the first time his actions have won people’s hearts, quite literally. 

Odisha Bytes

Throughout his career, apart from delivering brilliant performances and foot-tapping numbers, Diljit has also been winning people over with his warmth, endearing personality, and honesty. 

Here’s a look at all the times Diljit’s simple innocence and effortless charm left us smiling: 

1. When Diljit transformed his Instagram account into the most hilarious cooking account there ever was, and helped everyone suffering from lockdown blues. 

2. When his conversations with Alexa were better than any interview or reality show. 

Pretty sure Siri would have been jealous of these! 

3. When Diljit talked about ensuring he remained true to his roots while being a part of Bollywood. 

In his first interview with film critic Anupama Chopra, Diljit candidly talked about how he only wanted to be cast in a role where he could wear his turban. He went so far as to admit he thought he’ll never make it in Bollywood, because he wasn’t willing to alter his identity for a role. 

4. When Diljit was honest about his experience with fame and money. 

In what was easily one of the most fun episodes of Koffee With Karan, Diljit’s unfiltered remarks about his experiences with fame and money made him one of the most relatable stars on the show. 

Not just on Koffee With Karan, Diljit has been a relatable star throughout his career, and it’s such a rare quality, you can’t help but appreciate it. Like the time when he admitted that as a kid, every time guests came over, his biggest concern was about the food and drinks, just like most of us. 

Jab guests aate the toh balti mein Roohafza banta tha, aur mujhe yehi tension hoti thi ki yeh log saara na pi jayein.

-Diljit to Anupama Chopra

5. When Diljit openly addressed the concerns about the lyrics used in Punjabi songs. 

Diljit has never shied away from answering the tough questions. When asked about how sexist certain Punjabi songs were, he admitted that as an artist he had to create songs people listened to, even when he did not appreciate the lyrics because he had to be practical and secure his future. 

It’s certainly rare for an artist to openly address the need to compromise on choices for financial security, but then again, Diljit is not your regular artist. Not just in an interview, he even told a fan that he created all kinds of songs, and it was up to the audience which song they preferred the most. 

6. When he was every one of us during the lockdown.

When Anupama Chopra asked him about how he dropped a complete album in the same amount of time it takes most people to drop a single song, his response was not one you’d expect from a star, but rather, from a friend or colleague… because we all got tired of binge-watching after one time. 

Except for the bit where he worked hard. Because we’re at the end of 2020 and I’m still too lazy to do anything but move from the couch or the bed.  

7. When he chose to comment on the issues plaguing the nation, rather than stay silent like most celebrities. 

Long before the current Twitter war went viral, Diljit had talked about the farm laws and condition of women in India (specifically on the Hathras case) through a small poem on Instagram. 

8. When he talked about what sets apart the people of Punjab, with unmistakable love and affection in his tone. 

9. When, despite the success of his latest album and his overall popularity, he openly conferred the title of G.O.A.T of the Punjabi music industry to another artist. 

10. When he talked about how he can’t be fake in the industry, even if it costs him a role.  

In an interview with Haroon Rashid for BBC Asian Network, Diljit talked about how it was more important for him to be real than to ‘schmooze’ his way through parties for roles and connections. 

11. When he had the most humble response to being called the ‘King of Punjabi cinema’. 

In Diljit’s own words (or technically Karan Aujla’s words), “gabru taan vairi nu vi mitha bolda”.