Whether under peer pressure or out of genuine interest, but most of us end up catching popular shows - even the ones with mediocre storytelling. Just because that's how popular they become. 

But with the way OTT platforms have been serving one new show after the other, there are a few underrated gems that may have escaped your notice, but shouldn't! Here's a look at some underrated shows from 2021, that should be on your binge-watch list: 

1. Tabbar: SonyLIV

Starring Pavan Malhotra and Supriya Pathak in lead roles, Tabbar is an intense crime thriller, that boasts of brilliant performances. Directed by Ajitpal Singh, the series shows how a middle-class family gets embroiled in a web of crime and lies while covering up an accidental homicide. 

Source: SonyLiv

2. Grahan: Disney+Hotstar

Based on the 1984 riots, Grahan stars Pavan Malhotra, Zoya Hussain, Wamiqa Gabbi, and Anshuman Pushkar in lead roles. An emotional and intense drama, the show may talk of events that took place in the past, but it is relevant even in present times. 

Source: Indian Express

3. The White Lotus: Disney+Hotstar

A satirical black comedy thriller, The White Lotus is an underrated gem that attacks the class divide and capitalism, but in a way that leaves you both, shocked and amused. It also subtly takes on toxic masculinity, and racism. The story of how an exclusive resort deals with guests, who have their own issues and secrets, The White Lotus' theme song is addictive, and the climax, unexpected. 

The White Lotus
Source: sobinge

4. Kevin Can F**k Himself: Amazon Prime Video

Starring Annie Murphy (of Schitt's Creek fame) in the lead role, Kevin Can F**ck Himself is an experimental dark comedy that blends together different genres - literally (in the way the show is shot) and figuratively (in the social commentary provided). It takes on society's sexist views and internalized patriarchy while showcasing the story of a housewife who finally realizes her marriage is a sham and vows to change things - but by taking extreme measures. 

Kevin Can F Himself
Source: Hollywood Reporter

5. Maid: Netflix

Inspired by Stephanie Land's memoir Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother's Will to Survive, Maid is one of the most brilliant dramas to have released this year. Boasting of a stellar performance by Margaret Qualley, the show, that tells the story of a single mother working as a housekeeper, has been hailed for its sensitive and nuanced treatment of a delicate subject - emotional abuse in relationships and struggles of poverty. 

Maid on Netflix
Source: Netflix

6. Mumbai Diaries 26/11: Amazon Prime Video

An ensemble cast, engaging storyline, and relatable characters make Mumbai Diaries 26/11 a drama worth binge-watching. Based on the 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai, the show is a medical drama. And while some situations and scenes prove difficult to sit through, it is one of the better Hindi shows to have come out this year. 

Mumbai Diaries
Source: Amazon

7. The Last Hour: Amazon Prime Video

Though the show largely slipped under the radar, it did win over a small section of the population for its visually stunning storytelling that makes up for the less-than-stellar writing. The show, which feels like a stretch at 8 episodes, is a supernatural crime thriller that could have done better with crispier editing and a more streamlined story. But it is still worth a watch!

The Last Hour
Source: YouTube

8. Only Murders in the Building: Disney+Hotstar

With a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this comic mystery is goofy, elaborate, and definitely binge-worthy. A stellar star cast and a novel idea--of a true-crime podcast trio analyzing the murder that takes place in their building--make it a show that may appear silly at times, but that ultimately makes for a charming watch. 

Source: Variety

9. Potluck: SonyLIV

A light-hearted family drama, Potluck has an ensemble cast including Cyrus Sahukar, Ira Dubey and others. Showcasing the story of a family that gets together for weekly potlucks, Potluck takes on the generation gap but in a way that makes it easy to watch. The show makes for the perfect break from the overdose of intense dramas and crime thrillers that web series have served. 

Source: Indian Express

10. Gullak S2: SonyLIV

It's a real tragedy that Gullak hasn't received the widespread attention it definitely deserves. Because it is one of the better comedy dramas, that is hilarious without being problematic. The story of a regular middle-class family, Gullak is a winner across both seasons - thanks to its relatable characters, colloquial dialogues, and an underlying sense of warmth. 

Source: IMDb

11. November Story: Disney+Hotstar

Starring Tamannaah Bhatia in the lead role, November Story is a clever whodunit, that perfectly balances elements of suspense, gore, and drama to make an engaging thriller. The story of a daughter struggling to clear her father's involvement in a murder (that may or may not be accidental), November Story may have a cliched climax. But the story leading to the climax is well worth a watch indeed. 

november story
Source: lifestyle asia

12. The Married Woman: Zee5 & ALTBalaji

Based on the book A Married Woman, by Manju Kapoor, The Married Woman is a romantic drama starring Ridhi Dogra, Monica Dogra, Suhaas Ahuja, and Imaad Shah. The performances, and the subject idea of a woman challenging flawed social norms, keep your attention hooked, even when the show slips into melodrama. 

Source: Lifestyle Asia

13. Big Shot: Disney+Hotstar

People ended up skipping this drama because of a story that appeared predictable. And while it's certainly not reinventing the wheel, Big Shot is charming and entertaining. A feel-good story, backed by solid performances, Big Shot takes you back to sports dramas and school life. And at the end of the day, everyone loves an underdog story! 

Big Shot
Source: Variety

Is there a show you'd add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below.