We all have our favourites in the Bigg Boss 16 house, and sometimes the fights and brawls lead to so much confusion, that we end up re-thinking whether we’re still on our favourite contestants’ sides!

Bigg Boss 16, Fights
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And some fights become such a big ruckus that it leads to every contestant in the house clashing with one another. It becomes battle between two different teams! So, we’ve compiled a list of times BB contestants’ fights led to big rifts between multiple people in the house. Here take a look for yourself.

1. When Archana got aggressive with Shiv.

How this fight between Archana and Nimrit turned into such a huge fight between Archana and Shiv, seems like a blur. It seems most fights in the house splits it into two teams.

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2. When Sajid Khan and Archana got into an ugly brawl.

Though no one else was clearly seen taking sides in this scenario. Most members of the house got involved in some way or the other. It’s rare to see Bigg Boss 16 contestants just have a fight and let it go without it become a spectacle for everyone to see.

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3. When Sumbul and Gori Nagori fought over a kitchen towel.

This was the infamous fight that led to Sreejita calling Gori “Standard-less.” The original conflict was between Sumbul and Gori, but soon turned into a battle between MC Stan, Sreejita, Gori and Sumbul.

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4. When Priyanka and Shalin’s fight over chicken requirements got everyone riled up.

When Priyanka joked about Shalin’s chicken requirements, it became a spat between Gaurav, Ankit and Nimrit!

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5. When Shalin and MC Stan got into a physical fight.

I understand that sometimes when two people get into a conflict, it can be helpful for a third person to come along and diffuse it. But in the BB house, it seems people interfere to diffuse an argument and start fighting with others themselves. Just like this fight between MC Stan and Shalin turned into clash between Shiv Thakare and Shalin.

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6. When a fight between Archana and Priyanka over sugar rattled the house.

Once again, how this fight between Archana and Priyanka turned into conflict between Soundarya and Archana, no one can truly point out. It’s as if everyone in the house is arguing and they’re walking along and playing tag and passing on the spirit of argument to others.

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