When it comes to sex, unlike the sites we ended up ‘browsing’ through on incognito mode, teenagers today can access shows that are actually educational and accurate. Shows like these: 

1. Sex Education

Netflix’s original series has dealt with different sexual orientations, sexual anxiety, fetishes, sexual assault and whatnot across its two seasons. Of course, its quick therapy can’t be regarded as anything more than the show’s premise. But, for curious teenagers, it is a show that is as relatable as it is entertaining. 

2. Explained: The Female Orgasm

Explained is a mini-docuseries that deals with a wide variety of topics, and their episode on The Female Orgasm is not only educational but also debunks popular myths. Talk about an eye-opener. 


3. Sex, Explained

A spin-off of the Explained web series, Sex, Explained is a five-episodes-long mini docuseries that attempts to explain various nuances of sex, including but not limited to sexual fantasies, birth control, etc. 


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4. Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa

Probably one of the few Indian shows to actually address the topic of sex education, this web-series provides a simplified explanation of most basic questions around sex. And it is a great reminder of why, even if it feels uncomfortable, conversations around sex are important. 


5. Christiane Amanpour: Sex & Love Around The World

Journalist Christiane Amanpour travels across the globe, understanding the sexual practices and experiences of women from different places. The series, of course, talks about sex but also deals with the role that culture and upbringing play in a person’s sexual experiences. 


6. Wanderlust

If Sex Education explored sexual escapades and misadventures from the point of view of teenagers, then Wanderlust explores it from the point of view of adults. And thus, the focus is on how to rekindle the passion in a relationship, the path to a polyamorous relationship, and the physical struggles of an aging body. 

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7. F*ck Yes

Described as a ‘modern sex ed’ series, the purpose of F*ck Yes is to help improve conversations between partners. It shows how direct, meaningful conversations can actually help improve sexual relations, while also focusing on the importance of consent. 


Know of any other shows that educate about sex? Let us know in the comments section below.