2020 has been a lonely year and most of us spent it cooped up indoors. Guess what helped with that? These steamy and sexy TV shows and movies kept us good company through the year. 

1. Dark Desire

This Mexican show tells the story of law school professor who has a night away from her family with a handsome stranger. However, her one-night stand turns out to be her student, not to mention that her husband may have some deadly secrets of his own. 

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2. 365 Days

On a trip to Sicily in order to save her failing relationship, Laura catches the attention of Massimo, a member of the mafia who kidnaps her and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. 

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3. Someone Has to Die

This Spanish-Mexican limited series tells the story of a young man who returns home after 10 years when his family finds him a bride. However, he is accompanied by a mysterious male ballet dancer who has one too many secrets. 

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The Spool

4. Romance Doll

Unlike many others on this list, this Japanese film has a beautiful storyline. Two young people fall in love and immediately tie the knot. However, he has a secret – he makes sex dolls for a living and is growing obsessed with his latest prototype. 

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5. Unstoppable 

Three friends on a road trip cross paths with a young woman who is desperate and needs their help. This Mexican show is as hilarious as it is steamy. 

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6. After We Collided 

Based on a book of the same name, this film is about teenagers in love (read obsession) who keep getting back with each other even though their relationship is anything but healthy. 

P.S. This movie also stars Dylan Sprouse in a suit who is a delight to look at. 

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7. XXX Season 2

This adult-comedy show by Ekta Kapoor is India’s answer to American Pie. You’ve got parties, sex and a whole lot of confusion. 

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8. Valeria

This Spanish Sex And The City about a struggling writer and her 3 friends is naughty, exciting and makes for a great fun watch. 

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9. Hollywood

This Netflix mini-series set in post-World War II Hollywood, is a beautiful watch. Every inch of this show is sincerely crafted to capture the struggles of making it big in the industry. 

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10. Gandi Baat Season 5

With the fourth season of this show, Ekta Kapoor once again takes the urban fantasies of rural India and packages them with predictable yet sexy stories. 

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Have you seen them all?