Wes Anderson movies are known for their unique and whimsical aesthetics. His films are easily recognizable for their distinctive visual and narrative style.

wes anderson

The symmetrical framing, use of vibrant colours, quirky characters, vintage and retro motifs, the mix of classic and contemporary music, and the storytelling through voiceover narrations, all scream Wes Anderson.

Now, what if we put one of the most famous movie franchise characters, say Harry Potter, and portray them as if they were Wes Anderson characters?

Well, an AI artist with the name of Panorama Channel on Instagram, reimagined Harry Potter if it was directed by Wes Anderson. Twitter user Lorenzo Green shared them, have a look!

While some loved these images, others were of the opinion that AI can never really capture the real essence of Wes Anderson’s art.


Work of art or art-less work, what do you think?