Needless to mention, sex has an essential role in the bedroom and there’s no wrong way to have sex, until you have the basics right. However, the smallest gestures during sex are, if not more, equally important.

Here, we have listed down some small things to keep in mind while a sex session to spice up things in the bedroom. Let’s go!

Small Gestures That Can Amplify Your Pleasure In Bed
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1. You have to take the initiative.

Yes, intercourse is important but so is the initial stage before having sex. Trust us, nothing is sexier than taking the first step and showing interest. Go ahead, light up some candles and set the right mood to spice up the bedroom game.

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2. Silence can be a massive mood killer.

The bedroom is not a classroom and we don’t need pin-drop silence there. Keep things fun by playing some fast-paced music to keep up the energy high. If the music sounds like a mood killer for you, keep talking a bit in between to make things less awkward.

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3. Don’t wait and keep your things good to go.

Nothing can ruin the mood when there’s something missing at the last moment, especially when it’s something important. Keep all the add-on accessories like lubrication, condoms and sex toys on the go to avoid last-minute hassles.

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4. There’s nothing more important than roleplay.

And, we cannot stress its importance enough. From picking the right position to the on-point character, roleplay is as important as the entire sex session. It sets the right mood and builds excitement which gives some great end results.

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5. Keep moving the hands and mouth together.

Don’t expect a single movement to give different results each time. You need to explore more places using both, your hands and mouth. Dig, lick and relax. Let us be clear, these two organs, in motion together, are a dead-ass combination.

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6. Trust us, eye contact goes a long way.

There’s no doubt that a shared eye gaze deepens the bond between two people, especially during intimate activities. It ensures that things are smooth, interesting and intense. Thank us later.

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7. Don’t be in a haste, take some sweet time.

Keep things slow and controlled. Although there’s nothing like the perfect blend of various speeds and pressures, initiate things with a slow pace in order to set the correct mood.

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8. Let them know that you are having fun too. 

This is the most important thing, ever. While some people feel quite excited during sex, others feel a little self-conscious. Therefore, it’s important to let your partner know that you are enjoying the moment too. Don’t be ashamed of moaning or communicating what you want because if you feel excited, they will be more excited and turned on.

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Now, go ahead and have a fun time!