Sahdev Dirdo, the young boy who grabbed our attention after his video singing the song “Bachpan Ka Pyaar” went viral, was seriously injured after he met with a road accident. Sahdev was on his way to the village with his father on a motorcycle when the vehicle skidded. He fell off the bike and because he wasn’t wearing a helmet, was seriously injured. The incident occurred in the Sukma district of Chhattisgarh on Tuesday.

The ‘Bachpan Ka Pyar’ famed kid Sahdev Dirdo is being used by media for ‘content’.

Following the incident, there has been wide media coverage, with news outlets and similar social media accounts keeping their readers updated with the whereabouts of the boy. From Sahdev crying in a hospital, to him wrapped up in bandages and getting treated, pictures covering every moment of this dreadful incident are doing rounds on the internet. 


At a time when the little boy needs nothing but peace and rest, newsmongers are busy getting ‘content’ out of his misery. This is blatant invasion of his personal space and people need to understand this. 


The need to make ‘content’ to garner views and likes has turned social media into a nasty place, and Sahdev is the latest victim. Internet sensations like him are easily put under surveillance for so-called breakthrough stories. How can media make ‘news’ out of a legit accident in which a child was hurt? Isn’t it time we look into this insensitive behaviour and our regressing humanity?


Imagine being in a hospital, utterly hurt and paining, but instead of a getting a moment of rest to recover yourself, you witness a swarm of people clicking pictures, asking your family for ‘statements’ and instantly making your agony a public affair. Heard of a thing called privacy? Yes, Sahdev needs just that at the moment. 

PTC News

At times like these, it is the moral and human right of a person to stay under care and receive medication, not attention. Pictures, videos and facing the camera is not even the last thing in the world one would need. 

BollyWood Life

With ever increasing technological advancements and we going towards achieving levels of ‘civilization’, our humanity is getting lost in the way. There’s a thing called ethical journalism and basic morals of being a human, and what we need now is to stop promoting such things.

The Indian Express

Can we please stop making serious issues and awful incidents like these a public postcard that is getting passed around without consent and let the little child rest, undisturbed and unobserved?