The sixteenth season of Bigg Boss is here and the show has come up with several masaale-daar twists already. TV actress Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, who is best known for Choti Sarrdaarni, is the current captain of the season. Apart from Nimrit, there are other fifteen contestants who are staying in the BB house. So far, Bigg Boss 16 has given us many highlighted moments including fights between Nimrit and Archana Gautam, Tina Datta teasing Abdu Rozik at times, Kili Paul entering the house, & Shalin Bhanot flirting with Sumbul Touqeer and vice versa.

Now that the sixth episode of Bigg Boss 16 has aired, we have curated some highlights from Day 6 that need your attention. Don’t miss.

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During the episode, it was revealed Abdu Rozik owns a pair of gold shoes worth USD 40,000. Tina Datta asked Abdu to hand them over to her and teased him saying, “Thank you for the gift.” Gautam Vig and Ankit Gupta seemed quite surprised while discussing the price of his shoes. Ankit put Abdu’s shoe inside his pocket and said, “Bigg Boss ab mujhe bahar nikaal do.”

The episode also gave a hint of Gautam’s affection towards his co-contestant, Soundarya Sharma. Gautam flirted with her in the kitchen by asking, “tumhare papa scientist hai kya?” She replied, “No.” To which, he added, “…then how come God created a bomb like you?” Soundarya started laughing.

Bigg Boss had initially fired Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia from her captaincy. Bigg Boss called Nimrit via phone and said, “You’re fired” and asked her to call everyone in the living area. BB then called Nimrit in the confession room and shared that he is upset with the fact that some contestants are breaking rules in her captaincy. BB then gave a chance to Nimrit to save her position by participating in a task of beating the gong. Before Bigg Boss could complete the sentence, Shalin Bhanot ran and beat it while challenging Nimrit in the task. However, Nimrit won it and saved her captaincy.

Meanwhile, Sumbul Toqueer had a rough day at the BB house today. She broke into tears quite a few times in the episode. Sumbul felt that no one takes her seriously because she is one of the youngest contestants there. Shalin, who was inside Sumbul’s room, consoled her. Shalin told her that he is quite protective about his friends. Sumbul confessed her feelings to Shalin saying, “mujhe jab warmth ki need hoti hai aapse milti hai.”

Tina and Archana Gautam got into a heated argument over Gautam. When Tina tried to take Gautam along with her, Archana called him her ‘chamcha’. Both Tina and Archana were at loggerheads about Gautam choosing the one person he wanted to be. Gautam didn’t leave with Tina and decided to stay with Archana. And this is why Tina got angry at him and went away.

Nimrit assigned Archana a responsibility to cook meals for all the housemates and asked everyone to strictly follow no-smoking rules in the house.

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Bigg Boss assigned a task to Gori Nagori about performing a dance number on the stage. BB informed Gori if the dancer wins the task, she will have the power to save the nominated contestants including herself. Bigg Boss then shared if Gori doesn’t win, five contestants will decide if she will remain in the show or not. Later on, Gori shook a leg on Haryanvi song, ‘Mera Balma Bada Rangeen’ and five contestants, who were supporting the dancer, shared the stage with her. Gori won the task and saved herself from nomination.

Priyanka and her rumoured beau Ankit were seen sharing a plate while they were having meal. Nimrit, the captain, was quite bothered about it as she believes they take extra food.

During the episode, Tina seemed quite uncomfortable being in the same room as Sreejita. Tina asked Shalin to come in the corner and said, “I get very negative energy so that is why I want to avoid. I can’t enjoy and be myself.” She added, “Wo poora din meri bitching karti hai. Us ladki ke sath main hahahihi nahin kar sakti because I can’t fake it Shalin because that is not me.”

Nimrit, Gautam, Shalin, and Soundarya discussed Sreejita and Tina not vibing with each other. The show ended with Nimrit and Shalin talking about Sumbul’s behaviour and both agreed that she is quite mature. And that’s it.

Hope you enjoyed reading these highlights. Now we try and keep calm until the next episode.