Bigg Boss Season 16, which is currently streaming on Colors TV and Voot Select, is drawing all the attention from its fans across the nation. Here’s the Bigg Boss 16 latest news. Firstly, we are totally rooting for Priyanka Chahar and Ankit Gupta’s romance. Yeah, it’s brewing quite nicely. Priyanka and Ankit sharing their plate yesterday is proof of it. Not just MC Stan, Abdu Rozik is quite rich too. Abdu owns a pair of shoes worth USD 40,000. Sumbul Touqeer believes that other contestants treat her like a child. Tina Datta can’t be in the same room as Sreejita De ‘coz she gets negative vibes from her. That was the last episode, ladies & gentleman.

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Of course, for all the Bigg Boss 16 updates, you’ll have to stay tuned. The seventh episode of Bigg Boss 16 will be much more exciting. You ask why? Salman Khan, the host, is making a grand entry today and will be having a chit-chat session with housemates. It won’t be just a ‘hello, kya haal-chaal’ type conversation, but reality check for all contestants to be specific.

Check out the Bigg Boss 16 written updates of Shukravaar Ka Vaar right here. Stay tuned.

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Salman Khan made a grand entry at the Bigg Boss house with dhols. Contestants got excited.

Salman asked everyone if they are awake. “Chalo jaga hi deta hoon aap logon ko,” he said as BB anthem started playing in the background. All housemates started singing the anthem.

Salman asked everyone to speak in Hindi and teach the language to Abdu Rozik. Salman bought dumbells for Abdu as a gift and he got quite happy. Abdu started performing exercise using dumbells.

Salman then asked Abdu what kind of girl he likes. The host also teased him saying, “You need to make one more than friend.”

Salman asked Priyanka Chahar, “you have become jagat-maata of the house?” “Aap jahan jaa rahi hain sahi jaa rahi hain, bas aapki life mein Ankit naam ka speed-breaker aa jaata hai,” he added while teasing her.

Salman praised Gori Nagori for her dancing talent and asked her to do “chugli” in his ears. “Sab mujhse baat bhi nahin karte,” Gori said.

Salman then said, “Aaj pehla shukravaar ka vaar hai, toh isi khushi mein aap (Gori) ka dance toh banta hai.” He also asked about which contestant can compete her. Sumbul was appointed as her competitor for dance battle. While Gori danced to a Haryanvi song, Sumbul shook a leg on Param Sundari, the track from Mimi. Gori won the battle.

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Salman shared he is hosting a party in the BB house but there is a twist to it. He added that only ten selected contestants will be able to enjoy the “exclusive time” with him. Salman selected Abdu as a first guest of the party. The host then asked everyone to pick one contestant who will join the party.

Salman then asked Abdu to invite one guest and he picked Nimrit Kaur and both of them entered in the party room. Nimrit picked Gautam. Gautam invited Shalin. Shalin picked Sumbul. Sumbul invited Tina. Meanwhile, Salman asked Shalin about the four contestants who shouldn’t be a part of the party. Shalin suggested Shiv, Sajid, Priyanka, and Ankit’s names for it. Soundarya, MC Stan, Sajid, and Shiv were also invited.

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On the other hand, Manya and Sreejita got into a heated argument. Manya shouted at her saying, “I am here because I earned it.” Sreejita, who had apparently called her innocent, said, “Tere dimaag mein problem hai kya?” “I am f**king Miss India, who are you? You are just a TV actress,” Manya added.

Meanwhile, Salman asked Gautam to stop being a “copy” of previous contestants in the BB house. “Be yourself,” Salman added.

Salman then quizzed some contestants to talk about the groups in the BB house. “Ye complain chachi kab se ban gayi ho? roz Bigg Boss ko jaa kar complain karti ho,” Salman said to Sumbul. “Aapke ird-gird waale hi aapko mehsoos karwa rahe hain ki aap chhoti ho,” he added.

Salman asked Sajid to give film names to every contestant in the room. For Shalin with whom he had tiffs in previous episodes, Sajid said, “Captain.”

Salman then spoke to MC Stan about the fake contestants in the house. MC Stan took the name of Shalin. “Mereko to Shalin lagte hain. Acting chaalu hai,” Stan said. “…Aur Manya lagti hai, jab camera uski taraf dekhta hai tabhi jhagda karti hai,” he added. Replying to Stan, Shalin said, “Acting ke main paise leta hoon. Director chahiye acting ke liye.”

Salman then discussed some ‘vahams’ that Shalin has. “Aap ghar chala rahe ho. Aap bahot hi badhiya counsellor hain. MC Stan ko support karke unke followers badhayenge,” Salman shared.

Salman and Abdu cut a chocolate cake inside the room and went away saying, “don’t trouble our audience.”

All the selected housemates also left and discussed what happened inside the party amongst themselves.

Tina said that she is having trust issues with Shalin and Gautam. Shalin blamed Tina for groupism in the house saying, “Groupism tumne chaalu kiya.” Tina obviously disagreed and both of them continued their arguments. “Is ghar mein na koi sathyata nahin hai siwaye tumhare,” he added. And the episode ended.

What a reality check for the BB contestants it was. Now we wonder what will happen during Weekend Ka Vaar tomorrow?