The most popular show on television, Bigg Boss 16, is in its fourth week, and we see a lot of drama cooking in the Bigg Boss house. The contestants seem to up their game, and the politics in the BB house are getting unpredictable day by day. We had Karan Johar and his KJO city in the house, and it turned out to be a Bollywood fair!

The BB house has a new hassle every day, and the iconic Bigg Boss anthem is the newest vibe of the house. From avocado fights to changing captaincies, there’s a lot that happened on the show. To keep you updated with all the fun, romance, and drama of the show. Here’s a quick recap from the BB house, before you delve into the latest episode.

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1. Priyanka and Ankit are the cutest couples in the house.

The BB house is known to bloom love stories and Priyanka and Ankit might have given us some hints. Both of them have shared a great bond since the show began. Their story has witnessed a lot of ups and downs already. Last week, Priyanka made a little confession that no matter what she won’t stop caring for Ankit.

Everyone in the house thought it was a one-sided love story and even Karan Johar mentioned that Ankit needed to reciprocate to Priyanka. However, when she got upset about this Ankit gave her a warm hug and we also this beautiful chemistry between the two:

2. Archana’s captaincy in the BB house.

Call it a lesson or what, but being a captain in BB house is not everyone’s cup of tea. To teach Archana a lesson, Bigg Boss made Archana the house captain and it turned out to be a real disaster. Even though we saw a lot of entertainment in the house, the contestants turned it into a revenge session.

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3. KJO city in Bigg Boss house.

The Diwali special episode had Karan Johar and we loved every bit of it. As Salman Khan was not well, we had Karan guiding the contestants on the show. From calling out Gori for her violent behavior to some entertaining conversation brewing between Karan and housemates, the episode was a fun ride.

4. Soundarya and Gautam’s love story is a hot topic in BB house.

Not every story can be a love story. Recently during a gossip sesh with Bigg Boss, the housemates highlighted a new love story in the house. But is it real or fake? Karan Johar dropped many truth bombs about Soundarya and Gautam’s equation on the screen. Their love story had to go through a thunderstorm as Karan also called out Gautam for making an inappropriate comment. In the coming week, we wait to see how strong this bond survives.

5. The nomination for this week.

We have nominations for the week and it has taken a drastic turn. The BB house has turned into a war zone and we’re rooting for some drama after the nominations.

The week so far has given us festive vibes in the BB house and we are left wanting more. That said, here’s what you can expect from the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16 today.

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1. Nimrit and Gautam’s friendship may take a bitter turn.

We don’t have a captain in the Bigg Boss house now as Archana wanted to step down. The new captaincy task has welcomed a new feud in the house. A few days back Nimrit confronted Gautam that he needs to give their friendship some attention. She also gave him relationship advice about Soundarya and how he needs to set his priorities right.

2. Bigg Boss or Pyaar ka adda?

BB house is known for some romantic twists and turns and we all root for that every season. Keeping up with some interesting punishments and tasks, here’s a new one. The Bigg Boss house today will make you nostalgic about hostel days. We have a girls’ and boys’ hostel in the house and the contestants have a new set of rules to follow now.

3. Abdu is keeping us entertained.

Abdu Rozik has been a tough competition in the house. He has wooed us and janta with his cuteness and sharp game Now, Abdu is nominated for the week and it looks like he is all prepped up with fun and drama in the BB house.

4. Priyanka and Archana get into a fight.

BB house will take a massive turn as Archana and Priyanka get into a feud for the first time ever.

As days pass by, friendships and love stories tremble in the Bigg Boss house. Shalin- Sumbul and Nimrit-Gautam’s friendships had a lot of ups and downs. It’s the task and contestants that have kept us glued to our screens. Big Boss 16 is getting better and juicier every day.

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