Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have been married for almost 10 years now. But every time they are spotted together, they look madly and deeply in love – giving us couple goals, and making us yearn for something similar. The couple has stood the test of time and even the scrutiny of gossip columns.

Here are 12 times that prove the duo is totally #couplegoals.

1. Met Gala 2022.
The couple has always slayed the red carpet together. For the latest edition of the Met Gala, Blake Lively wore a stunning dress as a tribute to New York. On the red carpet, Blake revealed the other part of the dress. The final look not only made us go wow, but also her date, Ryan Reynolds.

2. Teasing and pranks are their love languages.
It is often said that laughter brings people together. So a relationship with a healthy amount of laughter and pranks? Yes, please.
The duo is known for the times they have teased each other on their social media. How can we forget Ryan wishing Blake a happy birthday by cropping her out on the Instagram post? And Blake returning the favour by using Ryan Gosling’s photo on her husband’s birthday.

3. They started off as friends, and even after all these years, they are still each other’s best friends.
Remember when Rahul in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai said “pyaar dosti hai“? Well, apart from influencing a whole generation, he may have foreshadowed Blake & Ryan’s romance too. Because the two bonded as friends on the set of Green Lantern in 2010, and continue to be friends, first, partners later. On Valentines Day, Blake posted a picture with Ryan captioning, “Find me a better friend. I’ll wait…”

4. Ryan always gushes over Blake.
In November 2021, Ryan was recognized as an entertainment and entrepreneurship innovator at the Wall Street Journal Magazine’s 2021 Innovator Awards. During his acceptance speech, he thanked Blake stating “I want to thank my wife, Blake. She is a genius. She’s a renaissance woman. And she pushes me in ways I never imagined I’d be pushed.”

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5. Blake never forgets to tell the world Ryan is hers.
In 2016, Blake won her first People’s Choice Award for Best Dramatic Actress. Her speech empowered women and stirred a lot of souls. And like every first, it had to be memorable. She ended her speech by thanking her husband and added “You can’t have him. He’s mine!”

6. Parenting is shared.
Having three young children can be a breeze if the labour is shared. And the couple nails it. In an interview, Ryan spoke about how the couple makes sure that they do not have overlapping work schedules to make sure someone is always present with their children.

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7. Remembering the smallest details.
It is always a heartwarming gesture when your partner remembers the smallest details about you or your relationship. Blake Lively checked all the boxes of a perfect partner when she surprised Ryan at his favourite Japanese restaurant for his 40th birthday in New York. What was more romantic was the fact that the couple had fallen in love at the Boston outlet of the same restaurant.

8. Bringing out the best in each other.
In a 2017 Humans of New York Post, Ryan talks about how Blake made him more in touch with his empathetic side. He also notes how Blake helped him deal with the “fractured relationship” he shared with his late father.

9. Making sure they spend time together.
Despite their busy schedules, the couple makes sure to spend time together. Be it taking Ryan to cast his first vote or taking him to his first derby match. Blake has also said how the couple has never gone a week without seeing each other. A healthy habit that the couple follows is turning off their phones when they spend time together.

10. They understand each other’s jobs.
How often do we look for partners who understand our jobs and the stress it brings along? Being actors, it is a part of their job to shoot intimate scenes with other co-stars. And because they understand each other’s jobs well, they know better than to get jealous.

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11. Ryan crediting Blake even when the industry refuses to do so.
Ryan revealed how Blake has helped him numerous times for roles and even the contributions she makes to the scripts. He tells the directors how Blake has worked on certain scripts and that she should get credit for them. However, in the end, the credit goes to him even after raising the issue. “Maybe it’s cause there’s inherent sexism in the business,” he notes.


12. Just the casual comfort they share.
Any picture of the couple exudes the comfort they share. Their candidness around each other never feels fake or a PR stunt.

The couple makes us believe in love.