Usually characters who are too good, do not leave the head. But that’s also the case for characters who are too annoying that they’re imprinted for all the wrong reasons. One look at them, and you yell ‘jaa yaar’ in your head. It can be something to do with their dialogues or just the presence, but they’re too much to deal with. 

They make you want to stop the movie, and never watch it again. Of course, you cannot imagine having a similar person around – now that’s just plain scary. 

1. Geet from Jab We Met

Sorry, not sorry for saying that Geet was a narcissist with the ‘main apni favourite hoon’ attitude. Self-love and living for oneself is amazing. But, there’s a fine line between that and being obsessed with yourself to a point, that you stop realizing that there are other people around you who exist. She’s likeable when it comes to a 2-hour content, but even that gets too much after a point. She was the literal definition of a red flag.


2. Varun from Good Newwz

I was honestly done with the character before even the first half ended. There’s something as wanting a character to be annoying, because that’s what the plot needs. And then there’s someone like Varun who’s ‘supposedly’ funny but ends up looking like an ignorant man who’s also a misogynist. The constant cribbing about his wife’s pregnancy, when he was hardly even there was definitely the breaking point.

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3. Poo from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

I understand the girly-girl concept and the way Bollywood uses it as a trope. But, this is another Kareena Kapoor character who was too caricaturish to be a role model. She literally judged people, I mean like a contest, with marks and all – how was that classy or funny? And then the sudden change of personality around Rohan. TBH, Pooja had more personality switches than wardrobe changes.


4. Daroga Shuddh Singh from Shamshera 

Now, he was a villain and there was definitely a feeling of disgust or sheer anger for him, which was meant to be. But, the weird voices and dialogue delivery was too annoying that I kept wanting him to leave the space and not because he’s a villain. Everything was over-the-top with him, so much so, that even if he’d been a good guy, you’d want him to just stop talking. 


5. Anjali from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

A small town girl doesn’t always have to be loud. And there’s a difference between chirpy and annoying. If they wanted her to be a likeable character from Chandni Chowk, they could’ve done a lot. Being from Old Delhi doesn’t make you a screechy person who cries with weird noises when you break a vase. Also, the constant crying overall. Women do have an emotional-quotient, but crying is not all we offer in crisis. 


6. Bheem from Jugjugg Jeeyo

While he was supposed to look and sound funny, he was majorly irritating, specifically when he’d try to crack jokes. For a desi dad who’s ‘open-minded’, he always tried too hard to fit in. He was actually a manipulative man who didn’t care about anyone but himself. Also, what was with the classic Anil Kapoor nuances in the movie — his signature gesture, obsession with the looks and all the gyming?

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7. Lara from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

I don’t understand why women who enjoy dressing up or make-up are shown as ‘weak’, chirpy women who end up looking like they’re abla. It’s like a woman can’t enjoy all of it while having a sense of perspective. They literally gave us Lara for adding funny scenes or ‘fillers’ to the movie, and ended up making her a bad person. She literally dissed on a girl, who cooked for them. And she could only hold a conversation about bubble baths(?)


8. Prof. Sarai from Main Hoon Na

You know you just hated the man, and there were solid reasons. He’d spit on people while knowing that he does that. But, there was also the flirting with Ms Chandni, the guy did not know boundaries! Of course, he wasn’t a good teacher as well – the sad part is, we’ve come across such teachers in real life. 


9. Aisha from Aisha 

How to empathize with a protagonist who thinks that she’s a perfect human, and no one is good enough to be themselves around her? Aisha didn’t have a job, but she always imagined that treating people as projects counted as one. Oh, and the constant obsession with brands, it almost got too cringey for a character they wanted us to like. Also, she was a terrible friend.


10. Ayan from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

He just always wanted someone around. The guy had a constant weird need to be taken care of by the women, he was with. And really, Ayan is the epitome of a man-child who never understood the concept of personal space. Also, the dinner scene was too uncomfortable – he literally used a woman to ‘win’ another woman, by making her feel jealous(?) Childish much?


They hurt the head.