Unquestionably, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani is a crucial part of the cultural fabric of this generation. But what makes YJHD the favourite film of 9/10 people in a desi room?


The soulful soundtrack, the dialogues that resonate, and Bunny (Ranbir Kapoor) who gave the major globetrotting goals until we realised he is a walking-talking red flag.

Desi Reddit is discussing why YJHD sucks and the responses hit like real truth bombs.

1. “I think the top-tier soundtrack distracted the audience from the mediocre/average story I won’t deny the chemistry but like u said the characters were weak AF.”

2. “I never understood what Deepika has delivered there for which this is considered to be her one of best performance. She is good actress and have done so many better roles. Same for Ranbir.”

3. “Even if we compare it with similar light wholesome movies wake up Sid is much better. YJHD is highly over rated. It’s not bad but I don’t understand why it is counted as one of the bests.”

4. “Highly overrated. Ranbir’s character was so toxic. The girl chose wrong guy kind of movie for me.”

5. “I think the movie holds up, but I will say on re-watching, Ranbir and Deepika’s characters make their friend’s weddings all about themselves, which is pretty selfish.”

– rnjbond


6. “His behaviour in this particular scene, being extremely possessive and rude about Naina, while also not exactly wanting to commit to her is toxic.”


7. “Movie was a fun watch. But if you see anyone like Kabir in real life, stay away. These kind of people are toxic af. They’ll sell you and your emotions, just to fulfil their small dream. They don’t care how their actions affect others.”

8. “Popular or not, honestly found this movie a bore, and Ranbir’s man child character refusing to grow up, MEH.”

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9. “That Kabir guy is a walking red flag! So overrated!”

10. “Gosh. I hated this movie when I first saw it in a theater, and to this day I hate it. Such over-rated unrealistic movie with misleading message. Just 1-2 songs were good. Nothing else.”


So next time you spot a Bunny-esque guy who makes your ovaries explode, RUN.